Creating Healthy Green Office Spaces

healthy green office Our relationship with nature (biophilia) is crucial to our creativity, health, and performance in all aspects of our life. In a recent study by Human Spaces, measurable improvements of up to 15% were detected in the well-being of employees that work in spaces that incorporate nature. According to the study, overall employee productivity rose by 6% when green elements were introduced into the work place. If your office is devoid of earthy influences, consider these opportunities to improve employee welfare and start to create a healthy green office.

Natural Light. In the Human Spaces Global Report, employees requested natural light more than any other element in the office. Adding windows, skylights, or solar tubes is the most effective way to improve a work place. Interior glass divisions and transoms can also help spread that sunlight to hallways and interior spaces that haven’t the possibilities of a perimeter area.

Color and Texture. When choosing colors for your office, stay bright, neutral, and natural. Weathered wood, stone, and contemporary designs that pay homage to nature are also helpful in creating that outdoorsy feel. Reception areas, places where employees gather, and common rooms should be focal points for natural color and textures.

Accents. Bring the outdoors in, literally. Adding plants improves both mood and air quality. Peace lilies and ficus trees are good choices for longevity and ease of maintenance. Add art pieces that feature natural subjects or colors. And don’t discount shape. A large horizontal panoramic photo emulates the outdoors better than a series of square pictures.

Practices. Looking the part is important for the health of your staff, but it is important to extend that treatment into the best practices of your office. Think about limiting paper, creating designated and specific recycling stations, and choosing products that minimize the impact on your employees, clients, and the planet.

Office Finder is ready to work with employers that want to improve productivity by bringing the outdoors in. If you want to find a healthy green office, contact us. We are available to help you navigate your project from start to finish.