Good Office Space Design Breeds Collaboration, Productivity, and Identity

Office Space DesignSuccessful businesses owners ensure that their office space design facilitates the very collaboration and innovation necessary for their organizations to thrive. Savvy entrepreneurs understand the powerful influence that environment has on both human emotion and behavior; therefore, it is not at all surprising to discover that companies all over the world spend a great deal of effort planning an advantageous layout for their business’ needs.

If done thoughtfully, rethinking an office space’s design will pay dividends in improving employee engagement and to the productivity, morale, and bottom line for the company. Kevin Kuske, general manager for an office furniture manufacturer that specializes in small and emerging companies, compares the organizational standards found in a city to that in an office: “Vibrant cities have various zones–for play, concentration, collaboration, socialization, and creativity. Every great work space should as well.”

How then do those effective principles found within civil engineering transfer themselves into the confines of an office?

First, Kuske encourages office designers to look beyond the desk. Employees naturally have strong ties to their desks because that is precisely where most of the work is completed–documents, computers, phones, etc. are all located there for ease of access. That doesn’t mean, however, that other unique working areas can’t be scattered throughout the office space. For instance, one area could feature taller cafe-height tables where employees could sit or stand. Another could have clusters of sofas where groups could meet to discuss new ideas, project expectations, etc. Any of these alternative locales can offer employees an equally effective venue for their work, while allowing them the freedom of movement and change of scenery to reinvigorate their creativity.

Office space design should also showcase the company’s unique brand and culture. Considerations as simple as color schemes and furniture design can make some of the most defining statements of all. If a company’s business literature and logo employ blue and yellow, then working that color scheme into the office space itself will embody that brand’s style while giving the entire company a more unified feel. It may seem a bit frivolous to take such considerations into account, but these subtle cues do much for helping employees to feel like an important part of a cohesive whole.

It’s only natural to think about work at an office space, but meaningful play is also crucial. Many businesses will set up a ping pong table or basketball hoop so that employees can relax a little bit throughout the stressful day. These areas also serve a vital role in building stronger connections between employees, while granting working minds new things to think about so that creativity will flow more freely.

Lastly, allowing employees to participate in designing certain areas of the office will help the organization run more smoothly while encouraging the staff to take ownership of the space. Employees are hired because of what skills they can bring to the business, but also because of who they are. Permitting a little celebration of employee personality and uniqueness inspires creativity and productivity for the entire staff.

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By: James Osgood