How to Design an Efficient Work Environment

Efficient Work Environment

We spend much of our waking hours at work and a well-designed work environment can make all the difference when it comes to our job satisfaction and efficiency. There are constantly changing trends when it comes to office layouts, from the tiny cubicles of the 1980s to the open idea sharing spaces of modern companies. As every business is different, there is no right or wrong way to design your office. It is important to identify your needs and goals and to create an efficient work environment that caters to achieving your goals.

To help out all the business owners who are looking to maximize their offices here is how to design an efficient work enviroment.

1. Create the Right Lighting

The first thing you need to do in order to design an efficient work environment is to focus on the lighting. Artificial lights such as the huge strip lights that are often found in offices can cause major problems for people such as migraines, fatigue and problems with vision. Natural light is always the best possible lighting solution and so you should try to let as much natural light into your office as possible. If your office has windows, leave them unblocked and simply put up strip blinds which can easily be opened. A properly lit space can dramatically change the mood of your employees and make them far more efficient.

2. Ventilate the Space

As well as natural light, proper ventilation is also extremely important for creating the right environment within the office. Far too many offices use air conditioners but this only helps to control the temperature and humidity. Wherever possible, open up windows to allow natural ventilation through your workspace. If it is too hot or cold during office hours to do this, then at least try and open them for a few hours before and after the working day is done to replenish the air in the room. If your office is on a high floor where there is no possibility of a break in, you can even leave the windows open overnight to really freshen the place up.

3. Organize the Furniture

Probably the most important aspect of your office when it comes to your employees’ comfort is the furniture. The experts at Vestra Workspace explain that it is not enough to just position the desks and chairs randomly throughout the space. Professional office design and layout teams can help you to maximize your space so that it is set up to be as efficient as possible. The right setup will depend on what kind of business you have and the duties of your employees. If they do a lot of individual work, then a more traditional layout may be the best way, whereas if there is a lot of group brainstorming then a communal style layout may be better.

4. Consider your Employees’ Happiness

Modern employees expect far more from their offices these days than just a kettle and a refrigerator. Whilst you don’t have to go all out like the big Silicon Valley tech companies and provide an ice rink and a bowling alley for your employees, you should still provide them with some amenities which shows them they are valued and which can help them to enjoy their working day. A fully loaded coffee machine which enables them to make all their favorite drinks is a really great addition to any office and is one which will make your employees very grateful. A happy workforce in an efficient work enviroment is an effective workforce, and so everyone’s a winner.

5. Add Some Greenery

Adding some greenery to your work environment is an uneasy way to create a better atmosphere in the office and to make it seem more homely. Plants produce oxygen and help to purify the air in the office and also add some much-needed life to space. Offices can be very clinical places, full of functional furniture and grey suits. Plants bring a level of comfort that would otherwise be missing and also create a feeling of peacefulness. Some big ferns or other robust, easy to maintain plants are ideal for offices and will really help to improve efficiency.

Creating an efficient work environment is all about maximizing your space and using it to achieve your business’s goals. The most important asset of any company is it’s employees so designing an office where they will be happy and productive should be your number one priority. Follow this easy guide and you will be able to create a workspace that is pleasant and productive.

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