Innovative Chicago Office Spaces in Historic Universal Building

In Chicago’s West Town area, a former stove manufacturing building has become a hot spot for experimentation with innovative office space. The Universal Building is now home to some innovative Chicago office spaces.

The employees at Kaleidoscope, an integrated brand design and realization agency, must work in a collaborative fashion in order to achieve their cohesive, integrative goals for each client. In order to achieve this, they have spent significant time in redesigning their spacious loft offices to focus on “I, we and team” type spaces. The “I spaces” have bench style seating and long tables, creating one large space, called “home base,” that is conducive to collaborative work. (They have also set aside some private spaces to which individual employees can move in order to work without interruption on a particular task.)

The “we spaces” at Kaleidoscope include kitchen and lounge spaces that allow for informal connecting and conversations. This supports a sense of community as well as collaboration. The “team spaces” includes breakout and conference rooms with adjustable walls for maximum flexibility. There is also a nap room for when employees need to recharge.

Another tenant in the Universal Building needed much more than a lofty design space; they also needed the inherent strength of a former manufacturing building to house not just their offices, but examples of the work that they do. Aquamoon, which creates aquatic and educational displays, needed office space that could hold both dry and wet aquariums as well as the desks where those aquariums were being designed. Since they have to house both animals and plants on site, their work space is divided into two areas: a design studio and a lab. Access to the industrial-strength loading dock has also been a boon for their business.

Whatever your business might need in terms of particular office spaces, Chicago has it. For assistance in finding the perfect office space for lease or purchase, contact us today.

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By: James Osgood