Is Third Place Working Right For Your Company?

Third Place WorkingThird Place Working is a new concept when it comes to office space design and the way businesses and developers develop their office space. It is new and innovative and many companies find third place working to increase productivity among their employees. In this day and age of being able to work from anywhere at any time, third place workspaces can be a valuable addition in designing office space to keep employees happy, productive and engaged.

What is Third Place Working?

Third place working offers a casual coffee shop-type feel within an office campus or development. It provides a flexible, relaxed work environment. It’s not the home -” first place”-and it’s not your office- “second place”, but a comfortable and convenient space built for business. It provides employees with a neutral place where they may work with other employees or even meet with clients.  It feels more like a coffee shop or cafe rather than an extension of the office.

Why does it work?

Many companies are finding that by providing a space where employees can relax and work undisturbed, they are more productive. For years, many have worked remotely from coffee shops. Providing the conveniences of the office with the relaxed environment of a coffee shop on campus is improving productivity for many businesses. Many employees find their work day has fewer interruptions by working in a third place. It can also be a place for casual interaction, collaboration and team building.

What are the benefits?

In a day and age when many employees are able to work from home, some still find it unproductive to do so. The distractions at home can limit productivity, so many find cafe’s or coffee shops instead. Dealing with slow internet and no printers, however, may drive employees back to the office. Campuses or office developments that provide a third place, allows for all the amenities of both home and office. Employees benefit by having all the conveniences of work, but the relaxed environment they may be seeking at home. A third place also provides a social climate in the workspace, allowing employees to foster positive work relationships with other employees. This benefits companies when group projects require cooperation among team members.

The need for providing a third place is becoming more popular. If you would like help in locating a space that may fit your company’s needs to provide a third place workspace for your employees, please contact us. We specialize in representing businesses looking for office space and we help with entire process, even space design. There is no cost to the service and you end up with a professional on your side who understands both the market and the entire process.

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