Small Office Space

How to Make the Best Out Of a Small Office Space

We know how it feels to work in a small office space. It’s crowded and feels cramped, which makes it difficult to focus at work. Everyone has been there. You have a small office space, and you are running out of room to work in. There is barely any room for your desk, let alone all the other projects you need to get done. How can you make the best with what little space that you have? Just because you have a small office space doesn’t mean it can’t be functional. You need to know how to get the most out of your personal space.

In this post, we will show you can create an organized and productive work environment despite limited space!

Assessing Your Space

Take a look around the area and see what you have available. If there are any new surfaces, try to make use of them! You may need to ask for permission from management if that is an option. Think about how you would like your desk set up before laying out all of your supplies on it or what items you need to put in the drawer.

Considering Furniture

When it comes to office space, there are two types of furnishings available. The first type is modular and can be used in a different configuration for each person depending on their needs. For example, this type of furniture would typically have an adjustable height or multiple heights to accommodate the individual preferences of people who work at that desk.

The other type of furniture is non-modular and can only be used in the way it was designed to be set up. This gives a uniform look but may not accommodate everyone’s needs equally. Consider how much area you have available when selecting your office layout; too many chairs or desks will take up more space than necessary. Also, laying around area rugs in the office will give the small space a relaxed look, making it seem bigger than if the floor was plain. The number of people working in your small office dictates what type of desk and chairs to purchase, so this is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Declutter the Office

Another way to make the office seem bigger is to declutter. This means to get rid of as much unnecessary material as possible, such as old files and anything that doesn’t have a place in the office. If it’s not necessary for business purposes or stored off-site, don’t bother keeping it around. It will just make your small space look cluttered and smaller than usual.

Organize Cables and Files

Organizing is the key to an airy open area. When it’s time to tidy up, the first step is to gather all of your cables and other materials into one area. Then you can start filing things away neatly in their designated places. This will help keep everything from looking cluttered or messy on surfaces that are used for work purposes.

Organize Your Desk Space 

It may not be a big idea, but it can make a big difference. If you have more than one type of work that needs to be done on your desk, it can get cluttered quickly with all the piles and stacks. Look for some drawer or tray system where you can put items into their designated places, so they are not just sitting on top of each other in an insight.

Create a Round Meeting Area

Round seating style takes less space. Create a small round meeting area with a round table and chairs, or use the corner of your office for that. Be creative and use small chairs, couches, or even outdoor furniture to create a circular meeting space.

Make Your Office Feel Bigger 

Do you have a small cubicle? Consider adding whiteboards on each side to make it feel more open. If you are trying to create an opening in front of your desk, add plants behind the reception. Also, a pot or two in the corner will give the office a fresh and aesthetic touch. Finally, lay large area rugs to make the area comfortable and cozy. A rug will also give space a deeper and inviting feel.

Open Storage Spaces 

Glass and wire mesh bookcases or cabinets can be used to maximize storage space in an office while still allowing for a clean, organized appearance. These displays help create the illusion that you have more room than what is available because they allow light to come through, making your desk area brighter. Add some plants in the corner of your desk to make it feel more open.

Use the Walls and Ceilings 

Wall is not just for hanging frames, pictures, and artwork. Use them as storage areas for boxed items that you need easy access to. If your office has high ceilings, use shelves in those spaces to store boxes of paper supplies and other storage options. Take advantage of corners. Create shelves in the corners of your office and use the wall space to display items that you want visible.

Take Advantage of the Floor 

The floor doesn’t have to be just for walking on or displaying a rug. Create storage by laying out rugs in rows with boxes underneath them to be easily retrieved when needed without having to take up additional furniture. Also, create a co-working space on the side of the room.

Utilize Common Areas

Utilize all the common areas in your office. For example, turn the lounge to create an area for people to work, or use this area as a place where you can have meetings with clients, so they don’t need to come into your workspace. Make a small meet-up or workspace on the side of the room.

Use Walls to Your Advantage 

Walls are a great space-saving way for you and your employees to stay organized. Make shelves out of boards around doors or windows, making sure they don’t impede opening and closing them. You can also use wall space as an art installation by hanging up some beautiful storage boxes.

On a Final Note

If you are looking for an office for your business where you can have more space, let us know and we will show you how we can help you acquire your next office space. Our services are free to you. No obligation for requesting info