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Beulah International Office Design

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While not widely recognized, office space and design can make or break employee productivity. More and more businesses are focusing on their office design to foster employee creativity and productivity. One example of an exciting new office building that is doing just that is the Melbourne based business Beulah International.

Beulah International fast realized that their workspace was impacting employees, both consciously and subconsciously – thereby hampering their productivity. To rectify this, the company decided to transform their bare office space into a gorgeous New York City inspired loft space.

The new office design for the company was based on an open office plan, with a “curved work station to foster communication and collaboration between workers. Another feature was to make the kitchen a central location in the office, to encourage employees to work and talk over meals since the company firmly believes that innovation mainly occurs in relaxed environments.

The office space also adopted a color palette of muted shades and different types of wood to highlight the office space and keep a mixture of warmth and relaxation throughout the office. Walnut and ash timber was juxtaposed with concrete gray and black lines over glazed walls to inspire a homey feeling for employees.

Another feature incorporated into the office space to keep the homey feeling was a green wall, completely made of plants in order to preserve privacy without sacrificing quality. Tinges of industrial design keep the space balanced, and designed in such a way that expansion could occur without damaging the space or being forced to relocate.

However, being mindful of budgetary concerns meant that many alternative materials were used in the design, such as aluminum in place of steel for window frames and incorporation of more glass for the walls.

The sense of community inspired in employees since their redesign has been a point of wonder for the company, and it is easy to see just how beneficial it has been to create a relaxing office space that fits business needs.

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