Pergola In The Office: Why Is It Worth The Try?  

Modern interior design has changed our perception of many things in recent years — from a room that doesn’t always have to be indoors to the acceptance of the industrial ambiance, which is often frowned upon by conventional designers.

But how does a pergola inside an office setting resonate with you?

While we’ve seen outdoor home spaces that use their pergolas for their office work, isn’t a design that involves such heavy structures too elusive?

Due to many triumphs in unorthodox design, even the weirdest themes are now worth trying. But office pergolas?

Why not!

We aim to explain why installing a pergola into the office as a workspace area may be worth it.

A Pergola’s Other Purpose

Easily, one would think of the outdoors upon hearing the word pergola. But apart from being an extension or a shade, seasoned interior designers see this amenity as a tool to outline another dimension.

Pergolas inject diversity into a space with similar design attributes while creating another room of its own. But unlike typical office cubicles, these clever structures will construct a welcoming space, though it guarantees privacy to the workers in it.

If not as workstations, pergolas make great meeting areas during coaching sessions or interviews with new applicants. With a few modifications, they may also serve as stylish boardrooms.

Going back to the pergola’s ability to set a space apart from the rest, it does a good job of accomplishing it with an outdoorsy flair. This angle now leads us to its ability to match various interior styles.

Aesthetic Flexibility

The unique sophistication of pergolas promises more allure to its surroundings. By adding more elements to it, a pergola can complement a range of aesthetic styles. On top of that, it quickly becomes a sight to behold!

Common office aesthetics reflect that of the trademark. However, companies that don’t mind the branding often utilize color psychology and minimalism.

Many offices also embrace the green concept. Most likely, these workspaces display indoor plants and wood and have used eco-friendly materials in decorating. A pergola is a common garden structure that can quickly blend into this setting.

Meanwhile, huge offices with incredibly high ceilings could use a tall pergola as the center of attraction. Executives can use pergolas as their dedicated pods or be decorated to serve as a pantry that gives off an alfresco vibe.

Pergolas Are Economical

Pergolas are sturdy and withstand harsh human traffic and weather, unlike leather couches and other fancy-looking yet frail furniture pieces. They are also affordable and low maintenance.

Pergola structures can also be repurposed as some kits can be disassembled and re-installed in a different place. You may take it outdoors as a temporary waiting area for applicants during summer, then bring it back indoors when winter comes.

Decorating pergolas is a walk in the park. With decent lighting and greeneries, it can turn into a breath-taking attraction. Everyone would surely be refreshed and inspired to work in such a gracious workstation!

This flexibility seals the fact that a pergola is better than gazebo in many aspects. Also, pergolas would conform to a wider array of arrangements compared to traditional furnishings that make a living area.

Wrapping Up

Surprising interior design experimentations applicable to home settings may also be suitable for office spaces. This new way of incorporating a pergola in work areas is proof that modern interior design still has more to offer.

More and more unconventional ideas will be discovered. With stunning indoor pergola ideas coming out, it’s only a matter of time for more courageous designers to figure out other alluring combinations by using different materials and attributes in a way no one has ever seen before.

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