Pros and Cons of Hiring College Students

Students represent a large pool of job seekers. This is probably the largest group on the job market in search of their first work positions. Of course, many employers consider hiring at least several students for entering-level jobs. Students can make great employees full of potential. Yet, some companies often hire young people straight after college. They won’t have much experience or recommendations from previous places. Companies have to trust their instincts rather than facts when hiring young specialists. 

In a way, both strategies do have their points right. However, things are never as black and white. So, let’s see the typical pros and cons of hiring college students. Perhaps, this list will open up some new facts to consider during the next hiring process. 

Pros: Ambitions and eagerness

The biggest advantage to hiring students and young people, in general, is their drive to prove themselves. Most young people are eager to test their skills and knowledge in the work field. They are highly driven to score high performance and prove themselves worth the hire. In addition, students are highly ambitious. It is especially true for those young people who seek to hire within their fields during college. It means they are up for a challenge and ready to perform to their top abilities each day. 

You rarely can stumble upon such eagerness among older employees. They already come with a clear vision of what they can and can’t do, where they are good at, and clear evidence of their achievements at previous jobs. However, students will make your business their field for testing their abilities and making first valuable achievements. They will work hard to build a good reputation and deserve positive recommendations. 

Cons: Lack of experience

Many employers don’t even consider hiring students due to their lack of work experience. Sure, little knowledge of the field and inexperience in working processes can be a disadvantage, especially in fast-paced industries. Employers have to test the skills and knowledge of their new hires twice as hard to see if they match the job description. 

Also, it’s not just about work experience. New employees have to learn how to work in your company anyways. It always takes some adjustments. It is rather a matter of lacking experience in the work field in general. These are sort of the raw materials of the workforce, and no one has tested their potential yet. So, they come without experience in office work, teamwork, professionalism, etc. These qualities are no less important than work skills and knowledge. 

Thus, learning to navigate the professional world may come as a challenge to them. It means a workplace should engage in extra coaching to educate students about the nuances of office work, subordination, dress codes, etc. 

Pros: A young perspective 

Students will bring young blood to your company’s organism. Who knows? Maybe they will surprise you with fresh ideas and new technological advances you didn’t know about. Such discoveries may even open your eyes to a new target audience you’ve ignored. Overall, new generations can bring a new perspective on things. Anyone who’s been in a single industry for decades can get a little stiff in their ways. A young student can enhance the flexibility of the company’s practice. Plus, they may also come with entirely new skills and knowledge unavailable to older employers. Thus, a student hired every few years can do more good than damage to the firm.

Cons: Challenging schedules

Students must combine working hours with the school, which presents an issue in making workplaces. They don’t want employees to divert their attention or to be next in their priorities, assuming most students still choose college as their main priority. Of course, employers have to be more flexible in creating schedules and work projects for students. 

However, perhaps you need to trust a student to manage their workload on their own. If they choose to apply for your opening, they must have an idea of how to combine studies and work. Some time management geniuses are also frequent at writing services sites like A student will always find a way to submit work on time and even have time for a party afterward. 

Pros: Raising a perfect talent

A workplace can take students to raise perfect specialists for their needs. Indeed, it is a widespread practice among big corporations and businesses. They start seeking young talents as they are still in college in order to recruit them early and raise them to be ideal specialists in their chosen fields. Sure, companies have to spend more time and resources on such young hires. Yet, these efforts fully pay off when students turn out to become brilliant professionals in just a few years. Plus, taking students under your wing young will give you more appreciation and dedication.

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