Three Concepts For Designing Office Space Used By Successful Companies

Designing office space Floor PlanYour corporate office space sets the tone for the way your company looks to others. This is true for clients, competitors, investors and employees alike. The way that your office looks and feels has a direct impact on the way that people feel when they are inside the space. Although it’s important to maintain a clean, well-organized space, these are not the only things that matter. The truth is, it’s the little things you do with your designing office space that make the difference.

Image Is Everything

You want people to remember your company name and to think of you first when they need the products or services you offer. In addition, you want and need to attract the type of talent that will help your company grow and prosper. Although your long-term reputation will go a long way towards achieving these goals, if your office space doesn’t reflect your corporate image, it’s all for naught. The moment a person walks into your office, they form an opinion about the working conditions, the quality of the products or services that you offer and your company as a whole.

Decor Sets The Mood

A well designed office space is one that reflects your company’s mission statement, brand and corporate culture. If your industry is very serious, furniture with darker wood finishes, high-end artwork are appropriate. Likewise, a start-up tech company with a youthful vibe calls for light woods, pop culture artwork and bright colors. It doesn’t matter if the furnishings are new, used or refurbished, what matters most is that they compliment the energy level and status of the company.

Unique Is Good

Your company was founded by one or more unique people and it is different from every other business. There’s literally no company on the face of the planet that functions in exactly the same way. That’s a great thing, in fact, it’s the way you want it to be. The same holds true for your office space design. The more unique your design is, the more likely it will be to strike a chord with clients and employees alike. So, go ahead and add that statement piece light fixture, desk, entry furniture or artwork so that your personality shines through.

When it comes right down to it, how you go about designing office space will be an essential part of your corporate image. It tells the world just how serious, or playful you are. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to let some of that creativity that led you to be an entrepreneur out. If you’re looking for a new office space for your business, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you find the type of space that will meet your needs both in form and function.

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