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10 Things to Look For When Picking The Perfect Office Space

Working in an office is attractive for many professionals due to the structure, socializing opportunities, and easy access to their colleagues. With over 850,000 people currently following officing in the US, building an office environment that suits everyone is essential.

So, what makes an office space truly stand out? Keep reading to find ten things that Office Finder thinks you should look out for when picking the perfect office space.

1. Easy to Access Location

The location is significant for customers, staff, suppliers, and anyone who needs to travel to your office. If you choose a building in the middle of nowhere, people will struggle to get there on time or at all.

Of course, the location might not be a significant issue for hybrid working, but it’s better to consider the long-term accessibility implications. Can people find the office on Google Maps? Are there easy transport links around the area?

These are the questions you should ask yourself before signing the lease on your new office.

2. Scalability

An office should give you opportunities to grow in the future. For example, if you want to hire twice the amount of employees in the next five years, you’ll need a functional space to facilitate this.

Consider finding somewhere that allows for expansion and renovations. While there may be a temptation to invest in a smaller space due to the initial cost, it’s important to factor your plans into this and choose an office space that reflects your plans to scale your business.

3. Sustainable Financial Costs

Financial costs are usually the priority for new office buyers or renters. It would help if you considered rent, wages, local taxes, and maintenance fees. To make the process easier, create an ideal budget that allows you to cover all of these costs upon signing the lease.

The average US office rent is between $8-$23 per square foot. Keep this figure in mind when planning out sustainable financial costs.

When designing your office budget, consider your area’s expected usage rates, forecasted profits, and rental increase rates. These will help you decide whether you can cover the rent long-term for your office space.

4. Parking Spaces

It’s essential to account for all commuters when finding an office space, as this makes your office more accessible. At first glance, it might not seem like a big deal to begin with, but having cars parked up on roads and clogging the street is not suitable for your business.

5. Adequate Meeting Rooms

Yes, meeting rooms might seem tedious at face value, but they are crucial to your business. To host professional gatherings, you have to be in a room that feels executive. Employees will get a fine sense of your leadership regarding simple meetings.

If there are other managerial roles, find an office with more than one meeting room. This should stop the workplace from feeling overcrowded, even on busy days. Of course, you can’t forget enough space for chairs, technical gadgets, and other necessities such as conferencing equipment, interactive whiteboards, and large screens.

6. Diverse Facilities

Believe it or not, restrooms should be high on your list. People will not feel comfortable if these areas aren’t clean or accessible. Always verify these spaces before signing the lease, ensuring your employees have a pleasant environment.

Other facilities include printing rooms, cleaning services, and reception. A plain office may not attract enough staff, so it’s essential to consider these aspects when looking for your desired office space.

7. Meets Electrical and Digital Standards

It’s estimated that the use of technology has increased in 517 out of 545 roles since 2002. This means you’ll need a building that provides access to modern digital tools. Before signing anything, you can ask the landlord about Wi-Fi connections, phone lines, and electrical systems.

For example, suppose the building doesn’t have robust connectivity. In that case, employees may face Wi-Fi problems during work which can lead to significant productivity issues when conferencing with remote workers or interacting with clients. You can contact a professional or speak to the landlord to fix simple issues like these before you agree to the lease and officially get renovations started.

8. Secure and Presentable

The office space will be more appealing if the environment is secure. You could check for alarm systems, CCTV, device locks, and sensor lightning. Everyone should feel safe working in their office, so check for these aspects when searching for your perfect office.

Security badges, cloud technology, and work protocols are more security measures to consider. However, these aspects will come later after you officially start the business. The top priority is finding a high-security office that looks professional and presentable.

9. Recreational Space

Choosing the right office doesn’t need to be about just work. People require a space to relax, especially if they’re stressed and looking for somewhere to decompress. A classic break room containing coffee machines, snack bars, and lounge seats should do the trick.

Remember that employees will feel more comfortable in a catered environment. One survey has uncovered that seven out of 10 employees believe employers will be more aware of mental health in 2022. Additionally, 81% of those in the survey look for jobs that support mental well-being.

To attract these people, find an office that allows everyone to take time for themselves.

10. Options for a Contingency Plan

A contingency plan is there in case of emergencies. If the lease doesn’t have room for this, it’s not worth investing your time and money into the property. You should be able to change office spaces due to unavoidable circumstances, like structural damage or calamity. This is something to discuss with the owner when signing legal agreements for the office space.


Being aware of these ten aspects should help you find the perfect office. Not everyone will find their ideal environment immediately, so it’s essential to evaluate each lease before signing. Always think ahead regarding long-term plans for your business and potential employees.

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