5 Keys to Finding a Great Tenant’s Office Leasing Broker

Certified OfficeFinder Specialist - Office Leasing BrokerThere are a lot of commercial real estate broker who will tell you how great they are at helping tenants find and lease office space. A tenant’s office leasing broker is known as an office tenant representative and plays a similar role as the buyer broker does in residential transactions. They represent your best interests and work to ensure that you get what you need at the best possible price. Not all tenant’s office leasing brokers are equally skilled. Here are a few keys to look for when deciding who to choose to work with you.

  1. Make sure there are no Conflicts of Interest: A conflict of interest can easily occur if the broker you are working with also has a listing that they are showing you. Who does the broker represent – You or the Landlord?
  2. What other companies with needs similar to yours has the broker represented? Is the broker experienced in the area and type of property you are looking to find? How many tenants has the broker worked with and are they willing to provide references?
  3. Find out how many deals the broker is currently working. Does he have the time for your requirement? This is especially important if your requirement is relatively small. You want to be the top priority, not an also ran.
  4. A good broker will ask more questions than tell you how good he is. Make sure the broker has a good understanding of your needs before agreeing to work with them.
  5. What happens if you are not happy with the service you receive? Make sure you have an out in the event you make a bad choice. Most good brokers will not be threatened by this.

The Office Leasing Brokers at OfficeFinder have been pre-qualified to ensure that you are going to get great service. Make sure to check them out, too. You will be happy with the results.

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