Using Colors to Create a Feng Shui Office

Color PalletBefore you move into a new office space, deciding what colors to use for walls, furniture and accessories is important. Although it’s easiest to do, stark white walls and minimal decorating create a cold, institutional atmosphere. Instead, create a feng shui office to create a calm, welcoming environment that helps employees, clients or patients relax and feel comfortable.  Here are some ideas for colors that will make your office space feel less institutional and more welcoming.


Green represents the wood element in feng shui. It is a healing color and it represents renewal, growth and fresh, new energy. Using pale green paint on walls in the waiting room is a good idea. If you’d rather keep the walls a neutral color, bring in green elements such as furniture and window treatments. However, the easiest way to bring green into your office is with plants. Plants also create a warm, home-like environment that puts patients at ease and they also help purify the air.


In feng shui, pink is representative of the fire element. It is a good way to bring a soothing energy into any room. A very pale pink paint color on examining room walls or restrooms is a simple, yet effective way to incorporate this element. Other ways this to do this is by adding artwork, flowers and other simple accessories with a pink tone to them. You don’t have to overwhelm the space with pink to take advantage of its soothing effect.


Purple represents the fire element in feng shui. It’s a high vibration color that improves the mood and energy level of those that encounter it. For this reason, it’s wise to limit the use of purple to lighter tones and only use it in moderation. The best way to do this is to choose artwork, accent pillows and smaller accessories that have elements of purple in them.


In feng shui, yellow is the Earth element, representing sunshine. It’s a cheery color that increases self-esteem, improves health and give an overall sense of well-being. If your office is on the dark side, consider light yellow walls to brighten the space with a warm, sunny feeling. Another simple trick is to add a vase of artificial yellow flowers on a waiting room table.


In feng shui, the color white is the metal element and it represents purity, innocence and cleanliness. The crisp, fresh feeling it can bring into a room are perfect for a medical office, but should not be the main color. Use pure white as an accent color around door frames, windows and accessories such as window coverings and accent pieces.


It’s no surprise that blue represents the water element of feng shui. Associated with the blue sky and clear, refreshing waters, it’s a calming color. An easy way to bring blue into your décor is by adding artwork that depicts ocean waves on a beach or a serene lake scene. Blue carpeting, accent pillows and window dressings with blue elements are other ideas. A small fish tank is another simple, yet effective way to bring the water element into your office.

If you’re planning on moving to a new office space, either conventional, executive suite or medical office space, in the near future, contact us. Our experts understand how important the right office can be. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect location and offer some more great decorating ideas.

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