Creating an Agile Workspace; a Growing Trend

Designing agile workspaceWith large corporations like Google, Facebook, and Twitter leading the way, more and more businesses are leaning toward adopting a more agile workspace environment.  Eschewing the more traditional office format of individual offices and partitioned spaces, forward-thinking business owners are looking for open spaces which allow for greater flexibility of their creative teams and the ability to change as different business needs arise.

An Agile workspace is generally mostly an open floor plan that will creativity, community and promote intuitiveness within the company.  An environment which supports the generation of fresh ideas and open communication will foster increased productivity, ultimately translating into innovation which can greatly profit the bottom line of any enterprise.

What are some common characteristics of an agile workspace?  Perhaps most important is adequate square footage.  While an agile office design can be achieved with up to 50% less square footage than its more traditional predecessor, there is still a need for space for employees to move about freely and to come and go as the need arises. There are many “office hoteling” software solutions to allow for easy management of who uses what spaces when.

Not to be overlooked is the need for quiet rooms and private meeting spaces.  Though the main function of an agile workspace is group collaboration and interchange of ideas, there is still a need at some point for a quiet space for certain tasks and privacy when needed.

The ideal agile workspace also includes computer desks where devices may be plugged into existing outlets or simply rested on open desks for use with wireless technologies.  Optimally, fixed computer stations will include anti-glare monitors, as one of the most attractive features of many agile workspaces is the use of natural light.

With more natural light available, it is encouraged that such office spaces will do well with real plants. Studies indicate that live plants help reduce stress levels for employees, thereby contributing to a more positive work environment.

Many agile workspaces also include swivel chairs which can easily be moved from individual workstations to the center of the room for spontaneous meetings and conversations.  When more formal meetings are called for, a dedicated space with a large conference table and white board is often effective.  Along with this, it is a good idea to display a task board, which helps employees track progress toward specific daily, weekly, or monthly goals.

If you feel that your business can profit from such a collaborative environment, please contact us.  We can help you find the perfect space for maximizing the potential of your employees by use of an agile workspace today.

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