Three Key Elements of an Agile Workplace

elements of an agile workplaceWhile creating an environment in which employees feel comfortable and happy ensures that they will also be productive and engaged. Designing an office space that allows flexibility for your business to adjust quickly to changing business landscapes is the concept behind an agile workplace. Every aspect of the design of an office space must be taken into consideration for it to become a truly agile workplace. There are three key elements of an agile workplace that play a major role in the design of the workplace and productivity of employees, including; continuous connectivity, unique work zones and the overall appearance and ambiance of the space design.


It is nearly impossible for anything to get accomplished in an office setting without the aid of technology. Without the internet, email, and file-sharing capabilities, work can literally come to a standstill. It is imperative that every area of the office has unlimited connectivity for laptops, tablets and other devices. That means powerful WIFI, ample power stations and access to printers and other network accessories. What’s more, community desktop workstations, should be placed throughout the office, to allow employees to quickly log on to access company and customer data and other pertinent information. Ability for employees to work remotely, to be able to connect to the office, will allow greater flexibility as organizational needs change. Not to mention, happier employees with more flexibility to work where and when they so choose.

Unique Work Zones

An agile workplace consists of several unique zones, that employees can access as needed  throughout the work day. The first is collaborative zones, where groups of people can come together to work on projects. Secondly, focus zones allow employees to separate themselves from the pack to work on individual projects. Additionally, private meeting areas where small and large groups can convene are necessary. Finally, there should also be social spaces where employees can step away from their work, relax, have a cup of coffee, or enjoy a meal.

Appearance and Ambiance

Bright, open spaces are an important aspect of an agile workplace. Appropriate artwork, comfortable workstations, soothing colors and natural sunlight are the best ways to accomplish this. These elements, when brought together creatively, help to lighten the mood within the office, boost morale and create an environment that employees want to be in. Since we spend the majority of our week within the confines of our work space, the way that it looks, and feels, makes a big difference in the way we perceive our jobs, co-workers and the company we work for.

If you would like to learn more about the elements of an agile workplace and how you can go about creating an agile workplace, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you figure out the best way that you can go about implementing the above techniques into your space.

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