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Office Security: Access Control Systems

Office security should be a priority for all types of businesses. Access control systems are an excellent option if you want to upgrade your building security or shift from the usual key entry systems. They offer simple security management that is overly flexible and scalable. This ensures that the right people are granted access to the right areas of your facility. This guide outlines some important things to know about access control systems.

What Are Access Control Systems and How Do They Work?

Despite being a common trending term, most people and business owners don’t have a perfect description of “what is access control.” An access control system typically allows and restricts entry to a room, building, or designated area. Unlike key entry systems, access control systems are electronically powered to control access at a specific time.

Employees who want to access controlled locations should provide their credentials. This could be physical, such as key cards, or digital, such as mobile devices with cloud connections. The person submits an access or unlock request to the card reader, which sends information to the access control unit for authorization. The unit triggers the door or gate to open if the credentials are allowed.

Besides simplifying employee access, access control units have a simple management portal or dashboard. Office administrators, heads of security, and IT managers can regulate who can access specific areas through the dashboard. Managers can create or schedule access settings based on employee shifts, job title, employee rank, allowed access time, and more.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Upgrading your security systems is important for ensuring that your business is secure. Regardless of the size of your business, installing automated control systems can protect employees while enabling administrators to identify who can access their premises. Key benefits of these systems include:

  • Ease of access – Access control systems allow administrators to streamline employee access to various areas of the business. Once they have given authorization, employees can easily access their workstations. This eliminates the complexities of juggling many keys to find the right one for a specific door.
  • Eliminating traditional keys – Using traditional keys in your business has several drawbacks. For instance, restricted areas require individual keys. Large buildings with many locks mean more keys. For janitors and other high-ranking officials, this means carrying bulky key rings that bring a lot of confusion. Using an access control system saves a lot of time and eliminates frequent visits to locksmiths.
  • Money-saving – Access control systems save money that would otherwise be spent on locks and hiring security personnel. The system can verify everyone’s credentials before granting access, eliminating the need to hire security personnel. You can also integrate these systems with lighting and HVAC systems, such that lights turn on when someone enters the room and shut off as soon as they leave.


Access control systems also restrict visits from unwanted visitors, help businesses keep track of who enters and leaves business premises, mitigate data breaches, and reduce theft, generally creating a safe working environment. The system is a great solution to your security needs and should be part of every business’ physical security network.

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