clutter-free office

6 Tips To Help You Have A Clutter-free Office

The working environment of an office says a lot about the employees and the brand as a whole. When potential clients come to your office, you need to give them the best first impression of both your services and the organization of your office. A Clutter-free Office helps.

A good and clean work environment is a breeding ground for brilliant ideas and getting the job done. But not to worry, fixing and reorganizing your office doesn’t have to be a week-long process. There are several quick ways to make your workspace more effective. These include;

Get Rid of Old Papers

For some reason, people like to leave old and useless papers lying around in the office in cabinets and file folders. These unnecessary documents bulk up the room and make it harder for you to keep the surroundings tidy as one or two pieces of paper are always poking out. In this age and time, the use of paper is quickly phasing out as people are looking to store information more efficiently. Consider using an effective storage system like Dropbox, where you can scan documents and store them online. This method of file storage will save you a lot of space and unclutter your office.

Keep Cords in a Cable Box Organized

There is nothing more frustrating than tripping over your cable, getting hurt, and damaging your device at the same time. Exposed cords can be a real hazard in the office and a cause of clutter as well. A couple of power cords and cables splattered over the floor can make a semi-organized office room look disarrayed. This is why you should consider getting a cable box to keep all your cords and chargers in one safe device that comes with charger slots. There are several types of cable organizers available on the market, with a lot of them being relatively cheap. It’s well worth it to never get cables tangled again.

Get a Storage Unit

This is popularly used in many offices now, especially when there is so much clutter to be safely put away. Office supplies that need to be easily accessible can be readily stored in holders or containers that don’t occupy a large space. While the not-too-used supplies can be stored in a labeled container that could then be stored in a secure self storage unit. These containers or holders don’t have to cramp your office’s style as there are a variety of decorative versions available on the market. Using these containers will help you keep similar items in one simple location and create more room for new office items.

Make Use of a Label Maker

Label makers make your life a whole lot easier, especially if you work in an office filled with several items that need to be separated and stored. When using containers, you must label each holder according to the group of items placed in them. This will save you a lot of time looking through container after container and box after box for a stapler re-fill when you could have easily labeled it. Using a label maker is a good way to quickly update and add labels to any container in your office and keep track of supplies. They are relatively inexpensive, so you can get them now and begin reorganizing your desk.

Organizations rely heavily on compartmentalization

When you don’t decide where an item belongs on your desk, it will decide for itself where it belongs, which is everywhere. Supplies lying around your desk are anarchy, a jumbled up of tools that just make a cluttered mess. If you want to keep your desk organized and prevent anarchy, you need to map out a space for each item and be intentional about it.

Keep the papers at the mail station and the printer at your office’s printing station. As long as it has a use, it should have a designated spot decided by you beforehand to avoid disorganization.

For extra storage, use a rolling cart

The truth you need to learn about storage is that it is never enough. One or two sizeable additions later, and you may be searching for some space to store a label maker or extra files. This is where a trolley or roller cart can be a lifesaver, with these portable and moveable storage units you can store your supplies. They are great for added storage, and also if you need to move around all day, their in-built wheels give you unlimited flexibility.

The Importance of an Uncluttered Workspace

  • increased confidence: You know that feeling you get when you invite a visitor or guest into your previously untidy room, which you have just cleaned up? That confidence boost is the same when you receive a client or your boss in your office. You become more confident in your words and ideas, knowing that your office is spick and span. They can see you get the job done.
  • It improves productivity: There is a certain psychological effect to having your room in order when you’re in it. It is scientifically proven that your brain is only as organized as your working space. So, if you need to brainstorm or you are searching for extra vigor in your work, consider cleaning out the waste bin and organizing your office, you would be surprised.
  • Easy location: When you are in work mode and on the grind, you don’t want to spend unnecessary time searching for your supplies. When you keep your things in order, you know exactly where they are, and this helps keep you in flow while you work.

Finding a way to keep your office and desk tidy and organized is good practice for anyone looking to run an efficient business or be a good employee. Keeping your office space impeccable is a trademark trait of successful people, so it’s a trait you would like to have. You don’t have to overhaul everything at once, as that may be too overwhelming. A good way to start is by removing what doesn’t belong from the space and then moving up from there.

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