3 Benefits of Third Place Working

Third Place WorkingThird place working is an innovative way to do business. The standard workplace has almost always been known as the office. Third place working involves taking your work to an outside location. These locations can include anywhere from a cafe, a park, a club to coworking spaces or executive suites. The reason behind the term third place working comes from the idea that your home is the first place, your workplace is the second, and an alternate workplace would be known as third place working. These new work environments have some terrific benefits.

3 Benefits of Third Place Working

  1. Promote Creativity. Spending your days in an office building is not always conducive for the creative process. If you were to get outside, see nature, and be able to people watch the ideas may come more freely. It will change your state of mind and open you up to new possibilities.
  2. Close and Cost Efficient. Naturally, any spot you choose will need to be a good match for your business needs. The spot should be close to the office, and will possibly be just a short walk away. If you will be in need of internet access, make sure you are able to connect to a wireless network. Most cafes will offer wireless networks. One of the greatest benefits to third place working is that your chosen location will either be very low-cost or free. Strolling through the park or using a table there is absolutely free. If setting up shop in a cafe, it is suggested to make a purchase. You want the cafe owner to understand that this is a win-win situation. They need to know that you being there contributes to their business, and that you are not just taking up space. Finding a spot that is usable and comfortable will enable you to work more effectively than you can imagine.
  3. Positive Atmosphere. The general mood in such places as parks and cafes is usually a positive one. People choose to be there because they enjoy the atmosphere and conversation. This creates a happy aura about the place, which you will feel. It has been shown that being positive and happy is connected to productivity, as well as creativity. You may also opt to meet clients in the location. This can have some great benefits. It makes you more human. Having a meeting in an office may make a client feel like you have the upper hand. If you meet in a neutral place it levels the playing field. The conversation may feel less contrived and will be more open. This can result in better satisfaction for you and the client. Of course, this may not be an appropriate idea for all meetings. You will be able to judge when it will be most beneficial.

There are many ways choosing third place working can help your business thrive and allow you to become more productive. Third place working is a new way of thinking and moving forward. Give it a try, experiment, and see what works best for you. If you would like guidance or have questions, please contact us.

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