Agile Workplace: The Four Zones You Need

Agile workplace FlexibilityIf you have been doing your research about employee productivity, you might have found that offering an agile workplace which includes a flexible workplace where employees can choose where they like to work rather than being crammed in a cubicle or a tiny office — is a great way to increase employee engagement and production. Before you can get started with implementing this type of workplace into your office, however, you have to understand the four main zones that must be present in an agile workplace. Then, you can work on creating these zones, and therefore, creating a better work environment for all of your employees.

1. Focus Zone

Some employees prefer a quiet place to call their own. This is why about half of your office space should be taken up by quiet pods and individual work areas. This is where employees can go when they want to work alone or when they want a place to stash their stuff and gather their thoughts.

2. Collaborative Zone

One big positive about an agile workplace is the fact that it gives employees a chance to collaborate when they want to. To promote this, you’ll need to provide a collaborative zone, or a place where employees can work together in relative peace and quiet. This zone should be somewhat shielded from the rest of the office but should be easy for everyone to access and can include small tables with chairs and group-sized benches or couches.

3. Social Zone

Employees should be able to differentiate break time and lunch time from work time. This means that you should create social zones that encourage employees to chat and relax with one another during down-time, such as a nice break room or lunch area.

4. Meeting Zone

Similar to a collaborative zone, a meeting zone should encourage employees to work together. However, this space should be bigger and should provide opportunities for more formal meetings, such as a conference room with large tables and lots of chairs.

An agile workplace can be the perfect option for improving morale and productivity in the office. It also allows company to react quickly to changing business conditions by not being tied down to specific seating for employees. If you contact us at OfficeFinder, we can help you find the perfect office setting that will allow you to implement an agile workplace for your business.

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