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4 Office Decor Ideas That Have Positive Effects On Employees’ Productivity

The way you decorate your workplace heavily affects the performance of your employees. From living pictures to plants, adding these items to your office helps improve your employees’ productivity. Even the way the desks are arranged and the color of the walls contribute to greater work performance.

With that, you shouldn’t take office decoration lightly. If done poorly, your office decoration might establish a negative mood in your office. To prevent that, we prepare some office décor ideas that can improve your employees’ productivity.

Green Sceneries to Improve Accuracy

The mood of your employees impacts their ability to pay attention. If your workplace maintains a negative mood instead of promoting a positive one, then their performance might plummet. To aid that issue, you can decorate your office with items that are colored green.

Having green scenery within your office can help connect your employee to nature, even if it’s artificial. Their connectedness to nature promotes peace and harmony in your workplace which establishes a positive mood. With a better mood, your employees can pay attention better, improving their accuracy and memory when executing their tasks. Thus improving their productivity.

However, adding green scenery to your office takes more than just adding plants in small pots. You should also consider the following:

  • Succulents
  • Flowers
  • Small Trees/Bonsai
  • Green Paintings
  • Landscape/Nature Photographs and Paintings

While adding green scenery serves benefits, you should prevent oversaturating your workplace with it. Only hang small paintings and spread the plants across the corners of the office. Failing to do so will make your office look repetitive and might get your employees fed up with the decorations.

Life Portraits and Photographs

If adding green sceneries connect your employees to nature, then adding portraits and photographs allow them to appreciate the social setting. However, you shouldn’t simply post photographs of random people. Instead, you should use photos of events held by your company that show everyone’s enjoyment.

For example, you can use a welcoming party where everyone is happily engaging with each other. You can also use photos of your Christmas party that shows everyone’s participation in the event. By doing so, they get to see how much they enjoy your office, which promotes positivity within the workplace.

Here are some photographs ideas that you can use:

  • Hanging out at the coffee station
  • Engaging in the building’s cafeteria while eating
  • Team building activities
  • Office parties

Aside from photographs of your employees engaging within the workplace, you can also include portraits, especially pet portraits.

Cute pet portraits induce happiness in your employees, which helps them feel more relaxed. It helps in relieving anxiety within your workplace while promoting positive engagements. Because of that, the bonds of your employees will strengthen while improving their productivity.

Choose the Right Wall Paint Color

Different colors serve different purposes within a workspace. Because of that, you should choose the right paint color for your walls. Here is a list of how colors can affect your office:


The color blue helps condition the mind to increase concentration and focus. As such, it helps develop their understanding of their tasks and their problem-solving skills. Not only that, but it also promotes clear and straightforward communication, which allows faster operation.

Moreover, blue attributing to better focus makes it ideal for administrative offices and conference rooms.


The color yellow induces positivity and inspiration within the workspace. It helps energize your employee because of the warm palette it provides. With higher energy comes a better confidence level, which allows them to work with less restraint.

If blue focuses on skill-related benefits, the color yellow appeals to your employees’ emotions and self-esteem. Because it provides room for inspiration and creativity, you should use it for creative meeting rooms.


The color red evokes strong desire and self-control in the people in the room. Because of that, walls are often painted red in rooms that require high-stress tolerance like the associate’s office. If done in a normal working setting, then it might induce pressure on employees which might negatively affect their performance.

However, you shouldn’t simply account for the purpose of the room to choose the color. You should also account for the color palette of your decorations. Having the same color of different values saturating the room might result in poor productivity instead.

Organize the Office Properly

Before putting things like shelves and tables, you should first identify the different zones the office will have.

For example, you already identified that your workplace will have work, relaxation, and lunch zones. After that, outline in a paper how you would separate those zones in the office. That way, you will have an idea of what items to put in the different zones.

After identifying the different zones, list the equipment and supplies that each area should have. The work zone should have shelves of documents, tables for their computers, and even cabinets for your employees’ personal items. Dividing your items between different areas and compartments helps you maximize the space in your corner cabinets or any other storage that was previously full of everything.

The relaxation zone will have a table, a coffee maker, and a cabinet that will store the coffee supplies. It can even have a sofa and a cabinet containing recreational board games that can promote positive engagement. Lastly, the lunch zone will have a table your employees can eat on.

Every item that is placed in close proximity to the area should be relevant to the zone.

Afterward, you should establish the policies that will be implemented in each zone, or in the whole office. Will charging and using their personal gadgets be allowed in the work zone? Will smoking be allowed in the relaxation zone or will it be strictly prohibited?

These policies are necessary to keep each zone regulated.

You should also establish a timetable for how much they can spend in each zone. For example, everyone is allowed to spend one hour in relaxation. The lunch zone will be open during lunch and morning and afternoon breaks. You should be lenient in this timetable while limiting them so they can get back to work.

Remember that decorating a workplace is more than just hanging posters and choosing colors. It’s also about accounting for emotions and psychology to choose the proper items and colors that can improve productivity.

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