5 Qualities OfficeFinder’s Real Estate Agent Members Have

Many business owners struggle to find appropriate premises for their everyday operations. To combat their issues with price, location, and contractual agreements, they call upon commercial real estate agents, also known as brokers, to assist with the lease signing or buying process. However, not all real estate agents have what you need for peace of mind and confidence that they’ll get the deal done. Before you sign on the dotted line, here are a few of the many qualities that OfficeFinder’s real estate agent members have.


If you’ve encountered one problem after another while hunting for a suitable office for your business, you likely want a real estate agent with problem-solving abilities. OfficeFinder’s real estate agent members show they have these qualities in many ways.

For example, if they’re unsure if they’ll pass their real estate exam in New Jersey, they’ll search for ‘practice real estate exam NJ’ and find practice exams to help. They can also apply their problem-solving abilities to the entire buying and leasing process for your peace of mind that there’s almost nothing they can’t combat.


Whether you’re working with a residential or commercial real estate agent to lease or buy office space, you want them to be honest about their practices and thoughts regarding specific properties. For example, if they don’t believe a lease agreement will suit your needs, space requirements, and budget, they’ll let you know to ensure you don’t end up with an office that’s not fit for purpose.


Leasing and purchasing property for your business or family can be stressful, especially if you aren’t experienced in the real estate industry and have many questions you need the answers to. The best real estate agents are communicators.

They answer emails, calls, and texts within a suitable time frame and keep you informed as deals progress or terms change. With the best brokers, you don’t have to worry about being in the dark about something that might impact your financial future.

Attention to Detail

Real estate agreements have many clauses, such as improvements clauses, assignment clauses, and even subordination clauses relating to lease termination if the property owner should default on their loans.

Many of these clauses can significantly impact your everyday business, and some favor the landlord or vendor more than the tenant or buyer. The best commercial real estate agents go through contracts and agreements with a fine-tooth comb to ensure their suitability for your needs.


While there’s nothing wrong with working with a broker or agent who’s new to the industry, there can be value in aligning yourself with an agent boasting years of experience in buying, selling, and leasing real estate.

Agents understand real estate agreements, have a network of connections to tap into, and know what issues to look for in contracts and properties that might impact your business and personal operations. The most experienced real estate agents also understand the real estate market to help you pay a fair price.

Buying and leasing property can be daunting, especially when it’s your first time. However, when you align yourself with a real estate agent with the qualities above, you might be surprised by how straightforward and stress-free the leasing or purchasing process can be.

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