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5 Tips on Choosing the Right Office Cleaning Service

A clean office invites more clients, keeps employees happy and it’ll reflect the reputation of your business. For these reason, it’s important to choose the right office cleaning service since it will also ensure the health and safety of everyone coming in and out of your office or business establishment. So, how do you choose a professional office cleaning service?

Here are some useful tips that can help you select the right office cleaning service for you:

  1. Meets Cleaning Standards 

A good office cleaning company always makes a good impression by following the set cleaning standards by respected organizations, like the World Health Organization (WHO). Shine Cleaning Solutions explains that a good cleaning service should maintain general hygiene and high cleaning standards in the workplace.

Check the following cleaning standard criteria in commercial establishments:

  • Physically Clean: The surface must be free from apparent dirt and dust when wiped by hand.
  • Chemically Clean: The surface area must be free from harmful chemicals and in the surrounding air.
  • Bacteriologically Clean: To eliminate harmful microorganisms causing infection or disease, all surfaces should be cleaned. This is a ‘clinical standard’ followed by healthcare facilities.
  • Entomologically Clean: The area should be free from pests or harmful insects.
  • Osmologically Clean: It demands areas and surfaces free from any inorganic or organic matter that emits odor.
  • Terminally Clean: It pertains to the cleaning standard in operation where surfaces need constant sanitizing against pathogenic microbes.
  1. Choose A Cleaning Provider Offering Wide Range of Services

Whether you have a small or medium-sized office space or a building, make sure to hire a cleaning service provider that can customize their services according to your needs. For instance, seasonal businesses might only need part-time or contract cleaning services for a few months of service.

The Cleaning services in San Jose, CA offer a wide range of services, which include cleaning for all types of commercial spaces. Consider a provider that offers janitorial services, commercial carpet cleaning, floor maintenance, and window cleaning.

For a large office space or business establishment, you might want to avail a cleaning service that includes the following services:

  • Commercial builders cleaning
  • Cladding and external cleaning
  • Commercial window cleaning
  • Event cleaning
  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • High-level cleaning
  1. Avoid Cleaning Services Hiring Mistakes 

If you don’t want to end up hiring a cleaning service company that’ll waste your money because it doesn’t live up to your expectations, avoid committing the following hiring mistakes:

  • Choosing the Cheapest: While you want to set an affordable budget for cleaning services, make sure not to compromise quality services. However, choosing the cheapest option may lead to more money wasted.Check the company’s track record and find out what clients have to say about their cleaning services. Choose a cleaning service provider that offers a reasonable price at the same time offering excellent cleaning services.
  • Being Misinformed: Every cleaning service provider has a specialty service. While some specialize in cleaning offices and warehouses, others focus on cleaning restaurants, event centers, and other commercial establishments.It would help to determine the best cleaning company that caters to their services to the type of business you have.
  • Not Looking For Licenses and Certifications: Licenses and certifications make up a cleaning service provider’s expertise and reputation. They reflect the amount of time that the company spent to develop their cleaning skills, elevating the cleaning company’s craft.
  • Not Fully Comprehending Service Agreement: Analyze the company’s cleaning services, including the inclusions and exclusions or what services would warrant extra fees. Never assume all verbal agreements are final. Carefully read the contract before signing.
  1. Search For Proof of Insurance

One of the basic requirements you should demand before hiring a cleaning service provider is proof of insurance. Make sure that the company has liability insurance and offers workers’ compensation to its employees.

Liability insurance is important because it protects you against all possible incurred costs in the event a cleaner becomes injured while cleaning your office or business establishment. On the other hand, workers’ compensation benefit is essential to ensure that cleaners are fully compensated when they meet an accident while performing their duties, including lost wages.

  1. Ensure Ease of Communication

Never underestimate the importance of ease of communication, which is incredibly imperative when selecting a service provider. The cleaning company should understand your needs to maximize the benefits of your business.

Determine the mode of communication the company offers, such as having a customer service hotline number for concerns. Chat support, email, and text messaging are other options available, depending on your preference and needs.


Choosing the right office cleaning service involves ensuring that the company meets cleaning standards and one that offers ease of communication. Also, avoid hiring mistakes such as not looking for credentials and choosing the cheapest option. Lastly, look for insurance proof, such as liability insurance and workers’ compensation benefit.