5 Tips to Make Your Office Space Desirable to Tenants

The commercial real estate sector is witnessing a surge in rents, contributing to a revenue stream of Trillion and growing at an almost 4% annual rate. With vacancy levels hitting rock bottom, the increase in rental rates is propelling net operating income.

To make the most of this opportunity, building proprietors must comprehend future tenants’ requirements. New-age tenants seek contemporary office spaces that prioritize green initiatives and sustainability, all at a reasonable cost. They also favor imaginatively designed and flexible workspaces equipped with the latest technology. Here are five tips to make your office space desirable to tenants.


Enhancing the appeal of your commercial property can be achieved by incorporating attractive and functional amenities for prospective tenants. Start by reconfiguring the space’s layout and considering its design; tailor the environment to a specific tenant demographic by allowing natural light, maintaining a consistent theme, and altering wall hues.

Understanding the market segment you aim to attract is crucial in making informed decisions about these modifications. For example, a blend of shared spaces (like a communal gym) and technological advancements can be extremely appealing for those seeking a balance between practicality and style in their business locations. Consider incorporating features such as a comprehensive Wi-Fi mesh network, pre-installed gigabit ethernet cabling, and a smart office app to streamline daily operations in the workspace.


Utilizing commercial real estate digital marketing technologies can elevate a property’s attractiveness to potential tenants. By employing intelligent, wireless tech and connectivity, workspaces can maximize efficiency; a trait highly sought-after by businesses.

Elements such as online reservation systems, intelligent locks, security setups, and screens are integral to a successful strategy for drawing in new tenants. Enhance the tenant’s work experience by unifying all these technologies into one seamless, intelligent app.

Incorporate Luxury Vinyl Tile into the Reception Area

Covering a small area of your property with luxury vinyl tile (LVT) isn’t overly costly, yet it can significantly enhance its appeal to tenants. The entrance area is often the best place for it, as it’s the first thing potential tenants’ clients, staff, and visitors see.

Opt for a universally appealing neutral wood tone. Steer clear of fashionable shades like gray-washed or blue-washed LVT wood, as these are more likely to conflict with a company’s preferred aesthetic than a natural wood hue.

Smart Buildings

Today’s tenants seek more control and understanding over their living or working spaces. This can be achieved by integrating smart building technology into older structures, or incorporating it from the start in new constructions.

Many buildings are now adopting smart building solutions which encompass fiber-optic or wired infrastructure, automated sub-metering systems, real-time occupancy tracking, and individual tenant kWh benchmarking.

Internal Decor

When it comes to the interior decoration of a commercial area, achieving a balance between excess and insufficiency is crucial. Providing a neutral space that can be customized according to a company’s brand is beneficial for headquarters buildings. However, don’t mistake ‘neutral space’ for ‘neglected’. This approach should be kept neat and tidy. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with serviced or co-working spaces, invest effort into instilling character and energy into the decor. This will likely appeal to budding start-ups.


The latest generation of renters aren’t just concerned about the price and location of their accommodations; they’re also interested in amenities and technological features. They seek environmentally friendly spaces, foster creativity, and are equipped with cutting-edge technology.

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