5 Ways to Build an Instagram Following 

No matter what other people say, Instagram is still a great platform to start out as a blogger or develop a brand that doesn’t yet have any resources on social media. Although people say that today the competition is high, there are still many tools that you can use to succeed and give your profile a head start. Many people have misunderstandings about how social media promotion works today, and this article was written to eliminate them and help understand how Instagram development works today. There are free and there are paid tools that have different levels of efficiency and speed, we will give you 5 ways to build an Instagram following, from which you will be able to choose the most convenient ones to you and use them to boost your page. Let’s start with the free tools: 


  • Firstly, you should take a hold of hashtags and do it correctly. These are the same as keywords to the text that is being searched through the searching engine. You should collect the right number (Insta allows to use up to 30 tags, but that is too many if you want a description to your photo or video look adequately) and the process should be right as well: start from the widest term that people can use to describe your content and move to the narrowest one, including dates, names and other specifics that can help to find the content that you’re putting forward. 


  • Use geotags creatively. Don’t just put your current location into that field, think of the places nearby that people might monitor looking for interesting events and places, and put them into your geotags as well. This way you will be able to hugely increase the number of times that people see your content, and if it catches their eye enough, they will definitely want to follow you and purchase your goods if you offer any. 

Create a Mask

  • Create your own mask for stories or hire a person who is going to do it for you. Today there are tons of tutorials that tell how to create a mask using different online tools, and if you have some time and skill, you will totally be able to craft one from scratch on your laptop. Don’t think this is something you cannot handle – some time is the only thing that is needed. If you don’t have time, you can always hire a specialist who will do it for you asap. Masks increase your visibility as a content creator and entertain people a lot. They also often share the effects with their friends, therefore, when one person sees your mask, you’re winning more than one view and use of the mask. 

Time Your Posts

  • Post in the right times and the right days. There are many theories about which time is the best one for posting, but most SMM specialists say that 2 and 5 p.m. are the best timings for putting forward a post. However, stories should be posted throughout the whole day, so that people who are logging in Instagram several times a day will see you every time they come and remember about your profile’s existence and share your content with friends. 

Buy Followers?

  • Buy Instagram followers, if you feel like you’re seriously lacking subscribers and you need them to make other people think that your blog is more weighty than it currently is. This way you will be able to forget about the worry of making your profile grow constantly – especially, if you’d purchase a subscription that would deliver a certain number of subscribers to your profile once in a month or once in a week. This type of service will be even greater, if you’d pick a complex pack that would deliver you not only subs, but also likes and comments, as this way you will be able to create a more balanced and developed account in general. The only thing that you should remember about is that you need real subscribers, fakes and bots are highly unnecessary. Those can harm your page and drown your statistics in inactive subs, which will make IG’s algorithms show your content as recommended way less frequently. 


Summing up: Use Hashtags and geotags, post at the right time and be creative with masks and special effects for stories will all hekp build your Instagram following. Don’t forget that the main key to success lies in constant interaction with the audience and putting forward quality content. Paid services, such as a chance to take on subs or thumbs up, should be used only as a support to your own efforts and time spent online communicating with people. If you’d follow this principle, you’ll see great results coming your way asap. 

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