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Want to Attract Job Candidates? Your Company Office Might Need a Makeover

In today’s world, many job seekers have reevaluated their worth. And coming away from the shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many professionals chose to seek other means of employment instead of returning to their job.

Company culture is a huge determining factor when it comes to choosing an employer. And though many have walked out around the country simply to seek something more suitable for their lifestyles, businesses around the country have taken notice of this trend.

Your company office might also be on the table when it comes to enticing potential job candidates when your company needs to expand and build a new team. In fact, there are many factors to consider when you look around at what your company office might say about your business.

If you’re looking to entice more job candidates to work for your company, here’s how you can make your business look attractive to job seekers in 2022.

An Office Needs to Cater to Employee Well-Being

With health concerns at an all-time high, and with wellness efforts being highlighted in today’s corporate world, if you hope to seek out quality applicants, you really need to have an office that’s conducive for employee well-being.

Basically, if your company office offers a potential candidate cramped quarters such as tiny cubicles all stuck together, this may be looked upon as a huge deterrent for job seekers. Nobody wants to work in a cubicle in 2022. And if you hope to intrigue the right team members, revamping your work environment needs to become a top priority.

A cold, cramped workspace exudes a sense of discomfort. And job seekers today want to be comfortable. As such, having workspaces that are well spaced out, and in rooms where color and perhaps even a few plants are placed can bring a sense of life to an otherwise dull and lifeless work space.

Experienced specialized operations recruiters can explain how smart technology can be used to manipulate lighting which directly impacts employee productivity. This makes your space an attractive place to work.


When it comes to other attractors that job seekers are looking for, office location is another factor that you’ll probably want to consider. And if your office is well off the beaten path, you might not generate much interest in your company.

Believe it or not, but businesses with offices near restaurants, important business services, and other attractions, are looked upon much more favorably than those miles away from needed services.

For example, when it’s time to go to lunch, you probably don’t want to spend your entire lunch hour in traffic just to find one fast food restaurant. And as mentioned, this is something that a job seeker does consider when weighing employment opportunities. If you have a company office miles away from any services, you might want to consider relocation in order to make convenience a part of your work culture.

Office Appearance in Interviews

You might be surprised, but interviewers aren’t in complete control when it comes to hiring. In fact, a potential job candidate has just as much say in whether or not they’ll take on a job if it’s offered to them. And your office appearance in interviews can be a huge deciding factor.

Today, with remote work being a preferred choice for many job candidates, Zoom interviews are often a part of this hiring process. And studies have shown that the scenery within the space can be a determining factor that job seekers will consider.

For example, if your office is cluttered and crowded, or you’re not wearing professional attire when conducting an interview, this might give a job candidate the impression that your company doesn’t take business very seriously. And first impressions in business meetings matter just as much to the job seeker as they do to a hiring manager.

Simply by having a colorful piece of artwork on the wall behind you in an interview can give a job candidate a sense of comfort. So can having a plant or greenery in the room as well. Additionally, having a bookshelf with plenty of books, or a professional desk with family pictures can present your company in a professional and comforting light.

Before conducting interviews, look around at the state of your office and see where you can make some effective changes.

You might not think that your office matters that much for an applicant who’s in desperate need for a job. But times have changed, and more people are taking the time to find the right employer and the right work environment. And this means that every little thing matters, including your office and the impression that it gives.

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