Best Tips for your MacBook to Keep it Fast and Secure

The purpose of owning a MacBook for most of us is that it provides superior performance in terms of speed and security compared to all other laptop brands. Seeing that most of the time we are connected to the internet and also have to deliver results at a fast speed to be more productive, optimizing the MacBooks is important. Although they come loaded with the best features that keep it fast and safe from any cyber threats, there are still ways we can make it mightier. To make it better, these ways are simple and some easy steps can help in implementing them. Let’s explore these one by one.

Tips for making your MacBook fast

Use special apps for optimization

Optimizing your MacBook’s performance can be simplified with the use of specialized apps. These apps help you to identify and remove unnecessary files, clear caches, keep the system safe from malware, etc. These features help in streamlining the Mac for faster operations. This has a direct impact on the amount of work we do in a set time period.

The optimization apps will speed up your MacBook and also fix typical problems with sound or your battery draining quickly. Battery is an important component that helps you work without having to plug it in. This is what we love our laptops for – as we can move around in the office or at home while knowing there is enough power in the battery. This is why knowing these simple hacks to keep a Mac battery in the best shape is so helpful.

Free up storage space

Storage is important because the number of files that we generate and save on our systems is huge. And storage costs a lot these days as a few GB is not sufficient to store those files. Also, a cluttered hard drive slows down your MacBook significantly. This makes it necessary to regularly review and delete unnecessary files. You should also use an external hard drive to transfer large media files (films, creative work files, etc.) This will improve Mac performance and also make sure that there is ample space for other important data.

Limit your number of web browsing tabs

Almost all the work we do on our laptops involves web browsing. It’s natural for us to open up multiple tabs when browsing the internet. Having numerous browser tabs open will consume system resources. To overcome this, always keep the number of open tabs to a minimum. Wherever possible, use browser extensions that suspend or hibernate inactive tabs to free up memory on your Mac.

Get rid of your screen saver

Screen savers are visually appealing but for professionals whose focus is more on work, they are really not needed. The screen savers use system resources. Set your MacBook to automatically sleep when not in use instead of running a resource-intensive screensaver.

Best ways to secure your MacBook

Stay updated

You should regularly update your macOS and all other apps because it is important for security. Developers, including Apple, release updates to patch vulnerabilities and improve security features. If you don’t find them distracting, enable automatic updates. This will ensure you are always running the latest, most secure software on MacBook.

Secure your login details

Always use strong, unique passwords for your MacBook login and other related accounts. Use a password manager to generate and store complex passwords securely. One of the best ways to ensure device security is using two-factor authentication (2FA) for an additional layer of login security on MacBook. Data is a precious commodity these days and hackers have their eyes on it 24/7 so strong login details will keep any potential cyber risks at bay.

Use antiviruses

As discussed, online security is highly important and you simply can’t afford to step into the red zone in this regard. macOS is known for its built-in security features but there’s a lot you can do from your side. Adding an extra layer of protection through reputed antivirus software holds the key. These software/tools are good at detecting and neutralizing potential threats – phishing, malware, or any hacking attempt as such, making their worth count.

Disable remote access & sharing

This can be a real disaster. Unless absolutely necessary, completely disable remote access and sharing features on your MacBook. These services, while convenient, can pose security risks if not configured correctly. It doesn’t take much time to review your system preferences and disable any unnecessary sharing options. So make it a priority and keep checking the system configuration at regular intervals and be highly productive in your work.


These tips are simple, and you can implement them comfortably. These might look ordinary on the surface but in keeping your MacBook fast and secure, they play an important role. Whether you are a remote worker, a business owner, or a student – your data and productivity level is the determining factor in the success you achieve in your field. So, without any delay, work on these tips right from today.

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