Why Canton, CT Is The Perfect Location For Your Next Office Space

Office spaces are becoming tougher to find in many areas, in part due to the pandemic, which saw the shuttering of physical buildings. In response to this, many offices were converted to accommodate a different commercial need. Luckily, there are still exceptional spaces available, even if the numbers have lowered, and can be found with just a bit of leg work, Canton, Connecticut, being one of them. Let’s take a look at why this delightful city should be at the top of your list if you are looking to find a great new office space. 

What is life like in Canton, Connecticut?

Canton is about 20 minutes away from Hartford, Connecticut, with a population of roughly 10,000 residents. The city is well known by locals for being home to one of the world’s first ax factories, The Collins Axe Company. Canton has a great location with several highways nearby, so there is easy access and a bus route to Hartford.

The town is beautiful and features a tight-knit community that hosts events all year round for its residents. With a variety of well-established and new businesses throughout Canton, it is widely considered one of Connecticut’s fastest-growing towns. Canton, Connecticut has become synonymous with beautiful homes and a friendly atmosphere, making it ideal for those looking to set up shop (or any other type of business) and also find the perfect property to call home.

Why Should I Look at Canton for My Office Space?

The cost of real estate has increased in many areas, but the high prices are seemingly affecting residential areas versus commercial spaces when it comes to smaller cities. Canton is a fantastic choice for those that are seeking reasonable prices, and its location is ideal for attracting those from larger cities that are willing to commute. The average price per square foot when leasing in Canton is roughly $26, which is slightly less than the price in New Haven ($28), and there are quite a few great buildings available. 

Should I consider Buying Office Space in 2023?

The price of office spaces has decreased quite a bit in the last few years as many companies switched entirely to remote workers during the pandemic. This led to a high volume of empty office buildings that were sitting unused, ultimately driving prices down much lower than usual. Some buildings remained vacant while others were transformed into a different type of commercial space, but the uncertainty of in-person work kept the prices at a reasonable level in 2023. 

The pandemic changed the work style of many different types of businesses, but it hit office workers pretty hard as many spaces were not designed to comply with local regulations. Now that restrictions have been lifted, many offices have chosen to switch to a hybrid work model that allows workers to spend more time at home, meaning large office spaces have become less popular. These large spaces have started to section themselves off to become smaller, which allows for more than one company to work on the same floor, so you can still get some significant profits if you are looking to purchase an office space and lease it out. 

This year is one of the best times to consider buying or leasing an office space as the rise of tech companies means more offices will be in high demand. Make some investments to modernize the space, and you will have tons of companies battling to buy or lease the area within the next few years. You want to get in on these low-priced office spaces as soon as possible to get ahead of the game. 

What to Look for in an Office Space?

Finding the perfect office space for your company depends on what your needs are, but there are a few things that you should worry about for every office space before you consider purchasing or leasing. 

Good location for employees and necessities

You want to choose an office space that is close to where your employees are likely living so that you don’t need to worry about giving them a long commute time. Another thing to consider is how close the space is to amenities like food and office supplies. 

Close to highways for client visits

If you entertain clients at the office often, you want to ensure your address is easy to find and understand. If the building is too new, old, or out of the way, it might not be adequately featured on map websites, which means your clients will have trouble finding your office, which could waste both of your time and puts a sour start to the business relationship. 

Solid infrastructure

Many older buildings are plagued with issues in the building that could make it hard for you to get work done on a daily basis. Ask about the plumbing, electric, and HVAC systems before you make a commitment to being there for a long time. 

Tech Connection

Another thing you need to consider when it comes to an older building is the technology set-up, specifically their internet connection. A slow internet connection can cause major issues in communication, so choose a building that is located in the heart of the city if you want the best connection. 

What kind of Office Spaces are available in Canton?

Canton is full of fantastic buildings that are located in perfect spots all around the city. Most of them are located along the Albany Turnpike, which is one of the best places in the city for good internet speeds and lots of parking. It’s also close to many of the town’s major stores, plenty of different restaurants and it’s easy for visitors to find. 

There are quite a few different-sized office spaces available in Canton, and some spaces are in shared buildings with other commercial businesses. Canton has plenty of great things going for it, and you have plenty of different options to consider when it comes to their office spaces, so you should have no problem finding one that suits the needs of your company. 

These are just a few great reasons why you should consider choosing Canton, Connecticut, for your new office space. It has everything you need, and it’s in one of the best locations in the state. Have a look online at some of the great office spaces today to see which ones suit your company the best. 

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