Creating a Google-friendly Website in 9 Easy Steps

Your site needs to be Google-friendly. When people want to find products and services, they no longer use business directories. Instead, they turn to Google. Google is the web’s largest search engine. The company behind it owns more than half of the internet, too.

The actual technique for making your site more Google-friendly is called SEO, or search engine optimisation.  It is a marketing discipline that can take years to master.

This post will explore SEO in more detail, explaining some steps you need to take if you want an SEO- and Google-friendly website.

Professional Design

The easiest and most effective way of creating a Google-friendly website is to work with a professional web design agency rather than attempting to create your own site. Professional webflow designers charge reasonable prices for their high-end services, and the end results will help your website rank higher on Google. One of the best things about working with a web design agency is that you’ll get aftercare services, too. If there is anything you are not sure about on your website (or you are experiencing difficulties), you can get in touch with the company that made your site, and they’ll advise you or repair it for you free of charge.

Website Goal

If you’re going to go ahead and try and design your own website, then you need to sit down and have a long, hard think about what your website’s goal is. Your website’s goal will influence its SEO strategy. If you run a restaurant, for example, and want to attract customers, then you need to focus on local SEO. If you are going to be selling products or services online, then you need to focus on organic SEO.

Research Competition

Another thing that you need to do is to research your website’s competition. Check out your competition, their ranking, and their website. Educating yourself about them can make it a lot easier to build a better website than they have. Bear in mind if your competition has been in operation longer than you have, they’ll have a lot more domain authority. That said, you can still easily outrank them as long as you are consistent, and employ effective SEO tactics. Again, the easiest way to outrank your competition is to have a professional build your website and optimise it from the ground up.

Visual Appeal

Your site needs visual appeal. Not only will having a visually appealing website make it more attractive to customers, but it’ll also increase your site’s domain authority and SEO. In order for a site to rank high, it has to have a good design. Google will not consider ranking your site highly if its design is all over the place. If you do not know a lot about building websites, then it’ll take you a long time to perfect your site’s design. If you work with an agency, however, then your site’s design will be perfected in no time at all.

Domain Name

Your website’s domain name is a lot more important than you might think. A lot of people have this idea that your site’s name is only important for marketing purposes, but that’s not true. You can actually optimise your domain name. Thinking long and hard about your domain name (and using relevant keywords in it) can help your site to appear higher on Google’s search listings. Spend some time thinking about your site’s domain name, so you can choose one that’s relevant and effective. Try to make your domain name as unique and specific to your website as you can.

Regular Content

You need to post regular sales copy on your website. In this copy, there need to be keywords. The copy you post has to be well-written. Otherwise, customers won’t want to read it. You can hire a copywriter to produce SEO-driven content for your website. Copywriters are available all over the web. If you’re going to hire one, then make sure that you hire one who’s qualified and experienced. You can figure out how experienced a content writer is by reading their reviews on the platform they use or by checking out their online portfolio.

Using Keywords

As mentioned in the previous section, in your copy, you need to include relevant keywords. However, it’s important to note relevant keywords change all of the time. If you want to run a successful website, then you need to stay ahead of these changes. Make sure that you research and change them every few weeks. If you hire a content writer, then they can do this for you. There are websites that you can use that will tell you about the latest and hottest keywords. It’s important to keep your site updated and keywords relevant if you want to appear high up in the search listings.

Page Speeds

Fast page speeds are essential. People have high standards nowadays. Nobody’s going to want to use your website if it’s slow when there are so many other websites available that aren’t. Website page speeds are something you need to seriously consider. Again, if you are not an experienced web designer, then there’s no guarantee that you’re going to be able to build a site with fast page speeds. If you do want to build such a site, then again, it is nearly always best to work with an experienced company or agency.

Mobile Optimisation

People haven’t just come to expect fast loading times from websites, they also expect mobile optimisation. If your site isn’t optimised for mobile use, then people won’t take it very seriously. Nobody wants to use a site that’s not optimised for mobile usage. The reason for this is that the vast majority of internet users actually use the internet on their mobile devices. By not optimising your site for mobile use, you will alienate a huge percentage of your site’s potential viewers. Google will not rank websites that are not optimised for mobile use very highly either.

Your site’s ranking on Google will play a very large role in how much traffic you get. People turn to Google to find out about websites, so if you do not appear high up on the search listings, how is anybody going to find out about your site? You can use the guidance given here to improve your ranking.