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Effective Business Relocation to Canada: Nuances of Organizing Office Moving

Over the last few years, Canada has been becoming an increasingly attractive location for companies to relocate. Hundreds of offices move to this rapidly growing country every year. Because of many advantages, small U.S. businesses are choosing Canada as the best place to grow their activities, even as bigger corporations open their Canadian offices. has over 10 years of experience in all phases of relocation and shares the nuances to consider for anyone looking for the most effective office relocation.

Top business sectors that will become more successful in Canada

The new horizons that Canada opens up for business are very wide. But it is still important to single out which business areas will become the most productive in this country.

  1. Commerce

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, but it is the retail sector there at the moment needs stimulation and support. There are many successful programs of international cooperation and new partnership agreements with the world’s leading industries are being created in the country.

  1. Innovative Technologies

The Information Technology sector has been a priority area for business stimulation in Canada for several years. The IT market has many growth opportunities and is not yet heavily occupied by competing corporations.

  1. Transportation Services

The rapidly increasing rate of population growth in Canada due to constant migration from all parts of the world brings with it progressive growth in transportation systems. And all of this needs quality service. The field of transportation services, shipping, and commercial logistics is one of the highest priorities.

Benefits of business relocation to Canada

If you’re thinking about moving your business to Canada, you’re probably already well aware of all the pros this country provides for businesses. But for everyone who is just getting to know the idea, we’ve compiled a list of the Top Pros of moving your office from the U.S. to Canada:

  • Tax Benefits

Depending on the region you choose, Canadian municipalities have a system of tax incentives for different business areas that are much more cost-effective and can greatly reduce a company’s spending power

  • Government Stimulus Programs

To maximize the motivation and support for businesses wishing to establish themselves in Canada, the government regularly introduces new programs to support different types and sizes of businesses to facilitate effective growth and expansion.

  • Availability of Professional Employees

A highly professional job market, the highest quality educational structures, and a large migration of professionals from around the world provide businesses with the opportunity to find and hire skilled workers who bring progress.

  • Stable Strong Economy

For more than 15 years, Canada has been a country with a stable, growing economy that is little affected by global crises and volatility. This is a great foundation to build your own successful company, which has a higher chance of growth within a highly organized economy with a high GDP.

The Most Important Steps in Realizing an Office Relocation

Once the decision to relocate your company to Canada has been made, it’s time to start planning your office move. Here are the important steps you’ll need to take before you arrive at your new location:

Step 1: Searching for a good fit for your new location

After analyzing the business opportunities in each of the Canadian regions, decide on the exact location and focus your energies on finding the perfect space that will suit your type of business. Prepare all the necessary documents and contracts. And only after that, think about the best period for major changes.

Step 2: Choosing a moving company

Keep in mind that not all companies provide inter-country transportation services. Paying attention to the company’s rating and reviews, choose the most reliable mover that has a full range of services: from packing to settling your stuff in the new place.

Step 3: Planning dates and logistics

Identifying the period for office moving is more important than in the case of home relocations. After all, these processes will affect workflows directly and will make changes to each employee’s task scheduling. Choose dates in which the company’s profits will not suffer major losses.

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