Four Surprising Facts About Workplace Productivity

The average American spends at least one third of their time at work–that’s 40 hours per week. How much of that time is wasted on navigating poor workplace layouts, seeking inspiration for a project or finding the right equipment for a job. A recent online article by the Arts Institute explains just how important and effective work layout is to your employees.

As far as workplace productivity goes, what you don’t know might just surprise you. Here are four surprising facts we’ve found about workplace productivity.

Lights, camera, action! If you’re feeling “dull” after an hour of work it may not be you — it could be the lighting! Many studies suggests that workplace lighting plays a large factor in productivity. Lighting that is too dim or too bright can hinder inspiration.

Workspaces should be interactive not sterile. Of course, in the old way of doing business, creating a playground for adults, was “frowned upon” but that has all changed! Interactive spaces like open work areas, view-worthy windows, and interesting art are all great ways to make your workplace interactive.

That furniture arrangement says a lot about your organization. When you want to encourage camaraderie or equal responsibility, consider rearranging your office areas. Turn the desks at an angle so that each employee can face one another yet have a separate view. Pointing everyone’s desk towards the wall will limit productivity; however turning all desks to work one another could encourage too much playtime. Don’t be “stoic” with your layout planning. Try new arrangements and ask employees for feedback.

Allow employees an opportunity to customize their personal space  Here’s another valuable tips from AI,“Highly creative teams will hang things on the wall that remind them of being successful and decorate according to their own styles. So if we over-design the workspace and create restrictions, we may be limiting their ability to express themselves.” Don’t plan every single detail of the wall space. Give your team a chance to make that spot their own.

Your workspace can shine and we’d love to help you find the office space to make that happen. Please contact us for more tips and ideas on arranging your office space.