Going Green

How Going Green Can Improve Your Office 

Companies everywhere are looking to incorporate the green initiative by going green. For some people it means going all digital and for others it can look like remote working to cut on the transport and extra costs of having a physical workplace building.

However, there are some great benefits to making a switch to going green, and this does not necessarily only mean adding in extra house plants at your desk or starting your employees on a new diet.

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What Does It Mean To Work In A Green Office?

Having a green office looks at the environmental impact your business has and how much they are contributing to its carbon footprint while operating.

The way an office is designed contributes to how green and how sustainable it is.

Biophilic design is one of the methods used to make an ordinary office green by bringing outside natural materials into the work environment.

There are many reasons why going green can improve your office.

Let’s dive straight into them!

Reasons Why Going Green Can Improve Your Office

Here are some of the positives of having a green office:

Staff health well-being

Adding natural elements to your workplace environment such as bringing in plants can help improve the well-being of your employees.

Employees are also less likely to need time off work as breathing in fresh oxygen from the pot plants and trees can help improve their health.

Brand image enhancement

Becoming environmentally conscious and incorporating it with the business brand is something that not only improves how the business looks but also makes it more appealing to the newer, younger consumers within the market.

Office expenses reduction

Making the switch to energy efficient methods such as swapping out old light bulbs for LEDs or changing the heating system can be costly at first but can show positive results moving forward.

Some expenses can be eliminated completely such as moving to a digital workspace instead of using paper to print on, or reusing and recycling other products within the office instead of throwing out reusable items.

Employees are more productive

Using natural lighting in the workplace can help employees become more productive. They tend to have more energy and feel ready to face challenges instead of being hunched over in a dark corner trying to get their job done.

Getting tasks done can be motivation to continue working and people tend to feel happy when they are less stressed and overwhelmed.

Helps your business find the best employees

With everyone feeling the pinch of the high utility costs and incorporating energy efficient methods to save on their own costs at home, having the same practices at their place of work will draw employees that have the company’s best interest at heart and will comply with the new rules put in place.

These practices have a positive effect on staff and fewer people resign from companies that are practicing sustainability.

Gives your company a competitive advantage

Being a green company gives your company an advantage over other companies who have decided to not make the move or still keep their old practices despite the energy crisis.

Since consumers and businesses are now aware of becoming sustainable, they not only attract new customers but also can work alongside other businesses who are able to supply them with renewable energy materials and other elements needed to keep their business green.

Helps with access to finance

Investors are always looking for companies that have long-term goals of staying in business. They also prefer to invest in companies that have low expenses and have a high return on investment.

Having a green office will attract more investors when you need funding or are looking to venture on a new path within the company.

People are willing to pay extra for goods and services that are “green”

At first, going green might have come across as a luxury business practice but now it is a need to keep businesses open.

Now more than ever with everyone understanding the need to make the switch to greener products and services, people will gravitate towards these types of businesses as they are paying not only for the quality of the product but to keep the business using green methods to manufacture and produce while not causing any harm to the environment.

Business space has a positive impact on the environment

A sustainable building is likely to lessen the amount of global carbon emissions released into the air. Using energy-efficient practices can help reduce waste and save on resources such as the electricity, water and gas.


These reasons listed above highlight the positives for employees of having a green office and also for the business itself.

Since the energy crisis has led many businesses to struggle and at times fold, going green has allowed for others to start thriving and continue operating at normal capacity with a huge cut in their expenses.

Be sure to incorporate some of these changes when deciding to work in a greener environment.

And if you are looking for a an office in which you can begin going green, we can help with our network of hundreds of local office experts throughout the US and Canada at no cost to you. Find out more