Great Chicago Office Space: Feels Just Like—or Better Than—Home

When it comes to Chicago office space there are some unique offices that help in making employees stay engaged and feel like sticking around by making the workplace irresistible. Most of us have heard about Google’s slide, and imagined what our own offices would be like if they came with a game room. But what if your office came with perks even greater than a game room? Today we take a peek into a couple of extremely well-equipped great Chicago office space and imagine what it would be like to work in them.

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The national headquarters for this successful residential mortgage company is conveniently located in North Center, and has everything you can think of to make an office feel like home—if your home was a very well-equipped place indeed. For starters, there’s a great rooftop with herb garden to relax in, complete with comfortable couches, fire pits, satellite radio and “yoga on the roof” classes. When you’ve completed your rooftop meeting schedule for the day, head downstairs to the fully equipped gym to take a fitness class or bike while watching the latest on HBO. If you pull a muscle at the gym (or spend too much time at your computer), there is a full-time masseuse available for getting the kinks out of your muscles. If you don’t feel well after all that exertion, stop by the office of the nurse practitioner for a quick checkup. Then you can finish up your day by checking out what the gourmet chef has to offer….  See and Read More>>


The headquarters for this dozen-year-old digital ad technology company is on W. Hubbard, and while it’s got the requisite exposed brick and bright colors, it’s also got a kitchen that makes you feel right at home, a yoga studio, and happy hours complete with karaoke. They also understand that the best work doesn’t happen in meetings; their large conference room is called the “bored room.” They have clearly created an ambiance which makes for happy employees, because Crain’s Chicago Business named Centro the best place to work for four  years (2011 – 2014) in a row.

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By: James Osgood