How to Turn Office Space for Employees Into a Perk

office space for employeesWhen discussing the perks and benefits your company might offer, the office space for employees is most likely not at the top of the list. Well, it should be! If you apply common sense, personal experience and a firm understanding of your workforce’s age range, you, too, can present an office experience that keeps your workers loyal and prospective recruits clamoring for interviews.

Chart Your Course (and plan your space accordingly)

A cubicle farm will not attract any outstanding talent. It will only keep those employees who need the steady paycheck. In short, the time of the cubicle has passed. That said, the open office design is not for everyone, either. Striking a happy medium based on your company’s workflow is therefore necessary.

  • Collaboration spaces. Offer multiple spaces where teams can work together without formally meeting in a conference room. These spaces should allow for spur of the moment meetings between two or more team members.
  • Work-alone spaces. For the worker who needs to focus intently, the buzz of multiple voices is a distraction. Factor in some quiet spaces, too.
  • Built-in changeability. What is the most exciting part of moving? The answer is simple: making a space your own. Attract and retain your talent by segmenting office space with bookshelves and other movable furniture while offering employees modular desk setups that they can change as desired.

Pick the Right Location

In the past, office parks lured plenty of companies into suburban spaces that were difficult to access for the worker without a car. Today’s employee likes the idea of commuting to work with public transportation and enjoying lunchtime walks to eateries or stores.

Mixed-use locations are ideal when seeking out the kind of office space for employees that is sure to keep them happily coming to work. Enlist the help of an office-leasing broker who can show you the right properties within your budget. Contact us today for more information about available properties and office space leasing tips.