Inspirational Office Makeovers from Movies

The pandemic resulted in millions of individuals being required to work from home. However, as lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted in various countries, numerous companies have confirmed their intention to continue working remotely for their teams. What initially began as a response to the crisis has now become the new normal for countless employees worldwide. Therefore, it is now the perfect time to consider creating a dedicated office at home, rather than simply improvising on the kitchen counter.

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed directors like Wes Anderson, and David Lynch, it’s time to reimagine work-from-home spaces. If you want makeovers from movies, you’ve come to the right place.

#1 Nocturnal Animals

Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals creates a very sophisticated setup for Susan Morrow (Amy Adams) with a sleek modernist white sideboard against the deep red walls.

#2 Rushmore

With every new film, Wes Anderson’s role as a filmmaker gradually transforms into that of a designer. Today, the renowned director of Rushmore has become the epitome of an architectural filmmaker. Anderson skillfully shapes the spatial elements of his film sets through symmetrical compositions and flat designs, creating a world that encompasses both a theatrical stage and an expressionist dreamland.

Our Wes Anderson-inspired home office takes inspiration from the era of The Royal Tenenbaums. We have combined organic hues and carefully curated disarray with precisely angled furniture. The back wall serves as a visual reminder of past experiences, while the books and records reflect my identity. The vintage desk, positioned to face visitors directly, suggests a sense of permanence.

#3 The Grand Budapest Hotel

When looking for office makeovers from movies, you should consider several options. You can create an inspirational office based on The Grand Budapest Hotel or with more provocative minimalist elements, as in Nocturnal Animals. Check out more movies on Kodi so you can figure out exactly what you like. If you have problems with watching movies on Kodi, just use a VPN. The more you see and set your expectations, the easier it will be to meet them.

#4 The Matrix

The success of the Wachowskis skyrocketed when they released The Matrix, their second film, which played a crucial role in shaping our perception of the 1990s. The movie, along with its sequels, embraces a cyberpunk aesthetic that has since become a beloved and recognizable symbol, even though it doesn’t accurately reflect the reality of the internet age. However, if you’d like to create a Wachowskis-inspired workspace, you can find remnants of post-industrial fixtures, abandoned office furniture from the 1980s, and repurposed wood and signage. Transforming your home office into something reminiscent of The Matrix can be an exciting DIY project for those passionate about upcycling and with a vivid imagination.

#5 The Shining

This office space draws inspiration from two iconic Kubrick films, The Shining and Space Odyssey 2001. It incorporates key visual elements from The Shining, such as the iconic and sinister pattern seen in the horror film starring Jack Nicholson. Additionally, it juxtaposes classical sculptures with futuristic elements that capture Kubrick’s futuristic mind-bending style. A nod to the monolith featured at the beginning of Space Odyssey 2001 can be found at the front of the room.

#6 Parasite

In 2019, Bong Joon-ho, a renowned Korean director, garnered international acclaim as his film Parasite made history by becoming the first non-English-language movie to win an Oscar. However, passionate film enthusiasts were already acquainted with his earlier works, such as the captivating and satirical Memories of Murder, as well as the science fiction masterpiece Snowpiercer which was inspired by the iconic filmmaker Kubrick.

Despite his diverse filmography, Joon-ho has managed to cultivate a distinct visual style characterized by a sleek modernism with a touch of unpredictability. Emphasizing the importance of light sources, he cleverly integrates large windows that provide ample natural illumination, luminous screens, and striking fixtures. Meticulously incorporating elements of “accidental” geometry and textured surfaces adds a touch of elegance to his creations.

#7 City of Lost Children

Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s worlds may not always be desirable places to live and work in, but his inventive and gloomy creations like the bitter bubble-gum sci-fi City of Lost Children and the post-apocalyptic odd-house comedy Delicatessen are truly unique. When it comes to Amélie, Jeunet finally managed to capture the hearts of homeowners, inspiring them to pick up their paint rollers.

Amélie beautifully transformed Jeunet’s distinctive visual style and applied it to a sepia-coated Paris. If you want to create your own Amélie-inspired home office, start by using a strict Christmas tree color scheme for your fixtures and fittings. Then, search second-hand stores, Etsy, and eBay for unique objects that have a story to tell.

#8 Twin Peaks

David Lynch’s daily Weather Reports have given us a glimpse of his unmistakably Lynchian home office. However, if you prefer a more spacious and vibrant aesthetic, it’s best to draw inspiration from his films.

While Lynch’s earlier works were predominantly black and white, and Dune had a preoccupation with black, it’s since Blue Velvet that the filmmaker has shown us how to stylishly and eerily incorporate primary colors. To achieve that otherworldly appearance, start with the iconic red room from Twin Peaks, infuse it with a touch of 1950s Americana, and, for an added quirk, record your voicemail greeting in reverse.

#9 Blade Runner

Eldon Tyrell, the founder and head of the Tyrell Corporation in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, designs, manufactures, and sells humanoid slaves known as replicants. He occupies an expansive office space at the top of the building, the sole area illuminated by natural light.


Every film and director has their vision of the ideal office, and you should have it too. You will be able to combine better elements of different styles in your universe. You may need a designer to better realize the vision or to shape it. You should not save energy and money on planning; if you set the goal incorrectly, the result will differ from your expectations.

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