Keeping Your Business Safe in a Coworking Office Space

Coworking office space is the wave of the future, and an excellent solution for new businesses looking for a great place to work at a fraction of the cost of private office space. Like all great things, coworking can have some challenges for businesses too. Here are three common issues that can arise when coworking, and how to solve the problem and make the coworking space great again.

Issue #1: Everyone can hear your ideas

Coworking leads to the open sharing of ideas between diverse groups of people, leading to increased productivity and creativity. Unfortunately, it also means another business in the coworking space might hear your great idea and decide to use it for their next project.

The solution: Choose a coworking office space with a written commitment to honesty and policy regarding intellectual property. Just to be safe, leave the most private company discussions to the coworking space’s enclosed board rooms. Document proactively by immediately putting all of your ideas in writing, as soon as your company conceives them, in case of a worst case scenario where you need to take legal action.

Issue #2: Your employees are having trouble focusing

Working in a coworking office space is fun and vibrant, but the social atmosphere and open plan can make concentration difficult at times.

The solution: Make your company’s most productive hours times when the coworking space is least busy. When complete quiet is needed, take advantage of the enclosed conference rooms in the coworking space that your company can rent. Some coworking spaces also have completely private offices is your team needs full privacy at all times.

Issue #3: Other businesses try to steal your stuff… or employees

Open floor plans make space less secure. And communication is more open, so much that another company may give your best employee a job offer while you’re out of earshot.

The solution: For valuables, either take them home at the end of every day, or use locks to store items in a dedicated company desk. Some coworking spaces have lockers you can use. To retain employees, make company culture fun and encourage your employees to socialize with each other.

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