The Latest Science Of Workplace Productivity

There is a whole branch of science devoted to getting things done. Workplace productivity studies have helped prove once and for all what some of the best workplace configurations are and why. Workplace productivity is something that can be enhanced and controlled as it turns out. Understanding the elements that can be controlled is what matters.

Color And Lighting

The use of color and lighting was first perfected by restaurants and casinos as well as other places of service. When they began to realize that colors have an impact on our subconscious mind, the desired colors were implemented. gives some examples of how colors can work on the brain,

…For instance, exposure to both blue and green has been shown to enhance performance on tasks that require generating new ideas. However, the color red has been linked with superior performance on tasks involving attention to detail.

Indeed, the use of color can be shown to matter a great deal when it comes to workplace productivity.

Imagination May Emerge From Messiness

Getting onto employees about keeping a clean and orderly desk has been something that employers have been doing for a very long time. They believed that having employees who kept a desk clean were likely to be more orderly in their work and actually get things done. This however may not be the case according to new studies from the University of Minnesota.

The studies at the University of Minnesota seem to point to the idea that in fact a messier desk is more conductive to creativity. Those who were in a messier environment in the study were actually found to have more imaginative ideas.

Lowered Stress Comes From Plants 

Just by having a few office plants around, one can actually see lowered levels of stress in the lives of the employees. It has been shown time and again that just the presence of plants in the office helps to bring down levels of stress and helps employees to recover faster from illnesses that they may have. For such a cheap investment, the plants provide a huge boost to the business.

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