Vibes’ Great Chicago Office Space

From the multi-colored pinstriped wall to the meeting rooms named for colors, there’s no question that Vibes’ corporate headquarters in Chicago are designed to be high-energy. This mobile marketing company has given a lot of thought, not just to color, but also how to sustain the energy level and support the creativity of this technology company and employee engagement. Here are some of the many ways that Vibes has a great Chicago office space.

Their corporate culture is about empowerment, and also enjoyment, so they invested in making their workspace into someplace that employees would enjoy hanging out. As one staff member puts it, “there’s plenty of places to go and just kind of clear your mind.” Some of those places include relaxed breakout spaces with comfortable furniture to relax on and huge whiteboards prepared for doodling, charting and outlining the next great app.

Unusual amenities in this office space include a kegerator in the bright, airy kitchen, ping pong and pool tables in the break room, a shower for those who bike to work every day, and hammocks on the balcony (which also comes with its own staff-created anti-pigeon device). A favorite space for employees to hang out is the “hot tub time machine,” which is a low, oval couch in which staff can sit together, relax, and brainstorm.

Design elements included in the construction of the space itself include a bridge that everyone must cross between the elevator and the workspace itself, crossing high above an interior courtyard and creating “the wow factor” for visitors and clients. The design of the office spaces incorporates the Golden Spiral, which is a 3D illustration of the Fibonacci sequence. The spiral arcs, which employees traverse on scooters, lead to the War Room where that energetic creativity is turned into mobile technology.

Vibes Office Space

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So if you’re looking to increase the color and energy levels in your office, think about what Vibes has done with their offices. And if you’re looking for great Chicago office spaces in which to make those energetic transformations, contact us today.

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