Millennial Office Space Design Priorities

office deisng for MillenialsThe look and feel of your office space has the power to encourage worker retention or lead to the unwitting creation of a revolving door. When it comes to Millennials Office Space Design priorities, they have different ones than other generations, especially when it comes to their workplace.

Understanding the Millennial Worker

The Pew Research Center provides a look at the makeup of the millennial hierarchy of priorities. The experts find that this demographic is outwardly focused with a good eye on the value of education. Family dynamics and philanthropy rank higher than the need for a high-paying career position. Technology is of a high value to this generation; antiquated workplace machines and outdated work processes are sure to lead to attrition. Add to this the absence of a defined work ethic, and it makes sense that the office space for employees of this generation must be up to par.

 Millennials Office Space Design Priorities

When you want to attract and keep workers of this generation, it makes sense to create an office environment that caters to their strengths.

  • Shared work stations – Your corporate culture is at the heart of your organization. When you embrace the idea of a flexible workplace, show this understanding by offering shared work stations that let millennial workers use computers and Intranet access as needed without assigning each employee a cubicle.
  • Increase technology use – Create work stations with the use of the latest technology in mind. Even if you do not plan to outfit each one with it, it makes sense to have them wired and ready to go. Doing so signals to millennials that you and they are in accord with respect to technology.
  • Use the build out allowance – When you lease a new space, enlist the help of a tenant agent to negotiate a generous build out allowance. Use it to retrofit a space that favors cubicles and executive offices to one that highlights team work space, shared work stations and collaborative effort centers.

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