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Never Leave These Six Job Positions Vacant at Your Office

Vacancies in the workplace are inevitable. A person is likely to leave the company for various reasons. It may be due to a change in job role, promotion, or simply because they want to move on. In any case, you need to fill the vacancy quickly and effectively, and in some cases, you can never leave certain positions vacant for too long.

Here are six positions that you should never leave vacant at your office:

#1 Resident Electricians

If you own an office, the resident electrician is responsible for maintaining and repairing electrical equipment. The electrician’s career paths and options will also allow them to install new equipment, identify and fix common electrical problems, and deal with wiring issues. Their presence is vital at your office because, without them, a minor electrical inconvenience could bring your office and business to a halt.

On average, an electrician earns around $27 per hour. This varies from state to state, as explained by the job site Indeed. For instance, in New York, the rate is $31.49 per hour, whereas, in Houston, it’s $24.58 per hour.

#2 IT Support

You should never leave your IT support position vacant. IT support is the team of people who help users with any computer problems they might encounter, ranging from simple printer issues to much more complex hardware or software problems. They are often called in by the IT department to fix problems, but they can also be called in by other departments if they have a problem with their computer.

Without IT support officers, your office will fail to deal with network or other computer-related issues. The IT support team will also be responsible for ensuring computer and data security. In their absence, you’re technically disabling your IT security as well.

#3 General Maintenance

It is important to have a dedicated person who can fix things that break. This person needs to be able to get things done quickly but also without disrupting the day-to-day work of others. If you don’t have someone in your office who has these skills, it can cause a lot of frustration for employees.

In the case of general maintenance, you’ll also want people who can keep the office tidy. You might also include people who handle daily chores like stocking up on office supplies or making sure that all necessary services like electricity and water are running properly.

#4 Security Guards

Security guards are, in many ways, the backbone of your business. They’re the first line of defense against threats, and they can help protect both you and your employees daily. Security guards can also be a valuable asset when it comes to protecting your property, especially if you own something like a giant mall or an office building.

The security guard’s role is not only to keep intruders out but also to keep unauthorized people from getting into areas where they shouldn’t be. They check identification cards for everyone who enters your building or facility. This helps ensure that no one gets into areas where they don’t belong without proper authorization.

#5 Accounts Executives

Accounts executives and officers are important because they are responsible for overseeing all the financial functions of a company. This can include things like budgeting, accounting, auditing processes, tax returns, or payrolling.

As a member of senior management, an accounts executive or officer has a lot of power over how money is spent within the organization. They have access to sensitive information about who earns what in the company that may not be shared with other staff members (such as salary details).

Leaving these positions vacant means you’ll have to deal with delayed payments and will be unable to keep track of your office or business finances.

People working as accounts executives are some of the most well-paid employees in any office.’s insights suggest that their average annual salary is around $97,000. That’s why it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find new accounts executive if you need to.

#6 Office Manager

An office manager keeps the paperwork organized, oversees all of the staff members, handles payroll and benefits, plans events and meetings, and performs other clerical tasks. If you have an office manager on staff, you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly.

In the absence of a manager, the entire organization can collapse. That’s why you can never keep this position vacant, at least not for too long.

Office managers earn around $57,000 per year, according to Glassdoor. This, of course, varies from industry to industry. The salary also depends on the number of employees the manager has to manage.

When it comes to the office, some jobs can never be left vacant for a long time. The six we’ve talked about are from a general point of view. There are many other positions that you can never leave vacant, but that depends on the type of business or office you’re running.

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