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Office Space Markets in the Southwest US: A 2024 Report

The office space market in the Southwest US, encompassing states like Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Utah, displays a mixed picture in the wake of the pandemic. While some sectors and markets face ongoing challenges, others exhibit signs of resilience and even growth. Here’s a deeper dive into key trends and dynamics:

Overall Market:

  • Vacancy Rates: Overall vacancy rates remain elevated, currently averaging around 18.2% nationally, with the Southwest experiencing slightly higher rates in some markets (CommercialEdge, 2023).
  • Rents: Rents have softened in some areas, with the national average listing rate at $37.73 per square foot (down 0.9% year-over-year), but specific markets in the Southwest like Austin and Phoenix maintain strong rent growth potential (JLL, 2023; WestMar CRE, 2023).
  • Tenant Demand: Demand for office space is gradually returning, albeit unevenly. While hybrid work models continue to influence space requirements, there’s growing interest in high-quality, amenity-rich spaces and flexible leasing options (JLL, 2023).

Market Performance by City:

  • Phoenix: Boasting the strongest population growth in the US, Phoenix exhibits a thriving office market with low vacancy rates (3%), record-breaking construction, and rising rents (NAIOP, 2023; WestMar CRE, 2023). Manufacturing, e-commerce, and tech industries drive demand, especially for Class A space.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW): DFW boasts the largest industrial stock in the country and a robust office market. While vacancy rates are higher than Phoenix (19.2%), strong job growth and diverse industries suggest stabilization and potential for future growth (CommercialEdge, 2023).
  • Austin: Fueled by tech giants and a booming population, Austin’s office market faces rising rents and limited new construction. Vacancy rates remain low (8.2%), but concerns about affordability and loan maturities exist (WestMar CRE, 2023).
  • Houston: Houston’s energy-driven economy experienced some pandemic-related challenges, but the office market shows signs of recovery. Vacancy rates are slowly declining (17.1%), and interest in the suburbs grows alongside downtown core revitalization efforts (CommercialEdge, 2023).
  • Las Vegas: Las Vegas enjoys strong population and visitor growth, leading to positive office market trends. Vacancy rates are declining (20.4%), and new construction caters to growing demand in hospitality, entertainment, and tech sectors (NAIOP, 2023).

Key Trends:

  • Flight to Quality: Companies increasingly seek modern, amenity-rich, and sustainable office spaces to attract and retain talent, even with hybrid work models in place.
  • Suburban Shift: The popularity of suburban office spaces continues, partly driven by affordability and accessibility concerns in downtown areas.
  • Flexible Leasing: Short-term leases and co-working arrangements are gaining traction as companies adapt to dynamic work needs.
  • Technological Integration: Smart buildings and advanced workplace technologies are becoming increasingly attractive, enhancing employee experience and productivity.

Looking Ahead:

The Southwest office market is expected to see continued gradual recovery and stabilization in 2024. While uncertainties remain regarding loan maturities and interest rate hikes, positive factors like population growth, economic diversification, and growing demand for high-quality space offer promising prospects. Continued adaptation to hybrid work models and evolving tenant preferences will be crucial for market success.


I hope this report provides a comprehensive overview of the office space markets in the Southwest US. Please let me know if you have any further questions or would like me to delve deeper into specific aspects of the market.

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