Office Workplace Strategy: 3 Areas Impacting Productivity

When working conditions are right, the results are easy to see. Your employees perform better at their jobs, employee engagement is higher and so is productivity. You reap the rewards. The question is, how do you get there? How do you develop an office workplace strategy that will give you the outcome you’re looking for? We’ve compiled three key areas of focus that will significantly  improve your workplace, almost immediately.


good office chairThe productive efforts of your employees will improve when they have the ability to do so. Take a look at the offices and work areas of your employees. Are the conditions comfortable for them? Do they have the opportunity to make the adjustments that work for them? Adding components like ergonomically correct and comfortable seating, and heat and air conditioning controls are small adjustments you can offer them that will improve their ability to be productive.


When your employees are motivated to do their best work, they become engaged employees  with the work they are doing. The results often surpass your expectations. You can improve their motivation by changing their surroundings to suit their styles and preferences, provide flexible working hours or even offer telecommuting for those who do not need to be in the office all of the time. This might mean different things for different people, but if you can engage their minds while they work, you’ll find that they will become motivated with little effort on or part. Do what you can to create the right mood in their work area, and you’ll find that they are more motivated than ever.


Headphones for noise controlWhile your employees might not realize it, many of them probably aren’t as productive as they could be because they simply don’t have the opportunity. Noise control is often a major problem for many businesses, and the need for more or less noise varies by individual and very often by generation. Younger workers are very often more productive with noise and able tune it out,  while the baby boomers are less likely to be able to cope with it. Crowding can be another factor that determines how successful your employees are. If you are not taking advantage of all of the office space that’s available to you, you might consider making some changes so that each of your employees have the opportunity to work in the type of environment that works for them.

Here at OfficeFinder, we educate our office tenant reps. They are familiar with office workplace strategy concepts that can help improve your workplace, thereby increasing employee engagement and productivity and typically, as a by-product, reducing the amount of office space you need to lease or rent. If you need some professional assistance in this area, we would love to help you. For more information on this and all of our services, please contact us today.

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