Standing Desks the Hottest Trend for the Healthy Workplace

“Sitting is Killing You” says LifeHacker. The infographic goes into detail about the health risks of sitting too much and suggests getting up and moving around the office more as a way to combat inactivity. A standing desk isn’t the only answer, but it sure helps in creating a healthy workplace.

Standing Desk

According to Mónica Guzmán at The Seattle Times, given the option, more workers are choosing to stand while working at computers.  Standing desks are becoming especially popular at tech companies where workers can spend upwards of 9 hours a day sitting in front of a computer.

Do-it-yourselfers have been slapping together stand-up desks for awhile now at home, but the trend is growing in more formal settings. A recent post by LifeHacker lists the Five Best Standing Desks, the last of which is a DIY.

In an office with a tight budget, do-it-yourself may be the answer. Gizmodo India posted an example of an inexpensive solution, a clever contraption that turns any table into a standing desk.

Before you jump into standing all day, consider these tips and ideas for a  healthy workplace and a successful transition to a standing desk:

  • Try increasing your standing time by 5 minutes each day until you reach a half a day, then sit for lunch, then go back to standing and sitting in the afternoon.
  • Walk around the office every so often, at least five minutes every hour.
  • Wake up your brain and practice balancing on one foot while you work.
  • If you’re listening to music, dance a little. Do something different!
  • OSHA has guidelines for standing posture – check them out here.
  • Get an anti-fatigue mat and lessen the strain on your body and improve your workspace ergonomics.
  • Seriously consider an adjustable height table. It makes standing and sitting throughout the day easier.
  • To add a bit of fun to the office, here’s a standing clock so you can time how long you stand each day. Is a little healthy standing time competition in order at your office?

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By: James Osgood