Meeting your clients at your office space

Success At First Sight: Why Your Office Space Is Essential When Meeting Your Clients

Imagine going on your first date – you need to look your best if you want to impress who you are going out with. Other than how you look, where you will meet your date also matters. You wouldn’t just want to take them to a boring place. You would want to go and have a great conversation where both of you can relax and have a good time.

This is also how you should prepare whenever you are meeting your clients for the first time. “First impression lasts,” or so they say. Not only will your clients be looking at your portfolio and your presentation whenever they decide to conduct business with you, but your workspace also matters.

Some of the challenges presented when it comes to office space that affects company productivity and working environment are distractions, air quality, and lighting settings – to name a few. These also serve as factors that can affect how clients are received during meetings or other corporate events.

Here are the reasons why it is always important your office space makes a good first impression when meeting your clients in your office:

Your Office is An Extension of Yourself

Your office is your mirror when it comes to your work. A cluttered, unkempt workspace would give off a vibe that you are messy and all over the place. This could be a deal-breaker for your potential clients.

Meanwhile, an open, spacious, and clean workspace gives an impression of organization and ease. This setting conveys to your clients that you are willing to share and exchange ideas and that you are well equipped to lay down your proposal to them clearly.

Most corporate offices nowadays have gone from strict neutral colors to become more vibrant by adding areas where clients and employees can also relax. A mini-garden setup can serve as an area where the clientele can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for the next meeting.

An office garden would not be complete without some greenery, and professional lawn care would be essential in maintaining your little green space.

Coloured paving on floors can add a touch of class to your workspace.

Big Spaces Call for Bigger Opportunities

If you envision your organization or company expanding with the increase of clientele you are serving, then perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to also create a bigger space where all the magic can happen.

Your employees’ demeanour within your office space could be a litmus test to whether or not certain changes are needed to be done within the workspace. Are energies low and productivity seems to be stale? Perhaps a renovation or revamp in some areas can help improve the general environment in your company.

If your company receptionist seems not to be having a dandy time being cooped up in her tiny table and cramped area at the entrance of your office, envision your client being greeted without enthusiasm. Even you, if put in their shoes, might probably be hesitant to go inside and meet.

Your Workplace Builds Your Brand

Often, before clients meet their potential business partners, they would check online first and look at the company profile. Most websites would directly show an image of the office or workspace. It wouldn’t look too appealing or attractive if a boring table-chair-desktop greeted them upon their search.

Much like a profile picture on your social media, the images showing how your office looks would definitely give leverage to your company as it attracts people who would want to avail of your services.

If you are an architecture firm or venture into interior design, pictures you would feature on your website would be of a beautiful space boasting of what you can offer to your clients’ spaces as well. A tech company would present savvy, crisp interiors of their offices to give that aura of innovation and creativity.

It Sets the Mood for Success

Behind your office’s doors is always a deal waiting to be closed. Now, picture your client walking into that door and seeing a dark, shabby room. Success is always within arms reach if you want it badly enough, but not if the client wants to bolt out of the door of that space you call an office.

Working and being in a place you don’t like has a lot of disastrous consequences. If you feel suffocated being in the confines of your workspace, imagine being in the shoes of your could-have-been client. Setting up an environment for success might seem a bit tedious, but it is worth spending time and money.


Although there is no specific formula for success especially when it comes to business opportunities, it just comes down to you presenting an offer to potential clients that they cannot resist. Where you present it is a whole new factor to consider. Indeed, it’s the inside (of the company) that counts.

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