Tips for Choosing the Right SSO Solution for Your Organization

A single sign-on solution (SSO) enables users to access numerous apps by entering just one name and password. With a single sign-on solution, users don’t need to remember dozens of different credentials to access each of their apps; instead, they only need to remember a single set of login information to access everything. 

Seems simple enough, right? However, there’s more to it. Before you start looking for the best SSO platform for your organization, it’s important to have a firm grasp of how this solution works. 

How Does SSO Work?

SSO works by employing a centralized authentication server to manage user credentials and authorize access to numerous applications or services without having to log in multiple times. When a user logs in to the authentication server, a unique token is generated that grants authentication privileges to other configured applications or services.

This token-based approach enhances security while simplifying the user experience and eliminating the need for multiple login credentials. Overall, SSO provides a seamless and efficient method for users to access the resources they need without worrying about the complexities of multiple authentication processes.

The question is, however, what makes one SSO solution better than the rest? When selecting an SSO solution, keep the following things in mind.

Personalized User Experience

The best SSO tools don’t force businesses into a rigid, cookie-cutter framework. Instead, they allow for individualized service by administrators. The login page, for instance, should have ‘themes’ that can be customized to match your company’s aesthetic.

Not only the outward look but also the level of safety, should be malleable. The SSO platform should give you the freedom to set access restrictions based on everything from a user’s group to their IP address, and to demand any number of extra authentication criteria you see fit. 

There has to be an application programming interface (API) that enables a one-of-a-kind app-linking experience for each user. In a nutshell, a reliable single sign-on service will allow for individualized interactions for each user.

Full Access to All Relevant Apps

Many existing on-premises identity solutions suffer from inconsistency or partial access because they use a hodgepodge of identity provisioning techniques. Organizations shouldn’t have to struggle to link up with apps that aren’t part of the framework because of a single sign-on solution that only gives access to some of the essential applications.

After all, it isn’t called a mostly single sign-on solution. Try to find a single sign-on solution that supports hundreds of applications and allows for bespoke connections.

Simple Mobile App Navigation

In a world where 93% of employees under the age of 50 use smartphones for work-related activities, a simple, clear mobile interface is vital for a single sign-on solution. There shouldn’t be any differences between the mobile and desktop experiences, and using a mobile device shouldn’t increase your risk of security issues.

Directory and Authentication Security

An SSO solution should, of course, be safe to use. Your users’ encrypted data must be completely safe from prying eyes. However, SSO is only useful if two-way communication is possible. Look for systems that integrate with AD/LDAP, so that accessing your user data for authentication is lightning quick.

Adaptability to Your Company’s Needs

When your company makes a strategic shift or expands, you need a single sign-on solution provider who can keep up with the rapid technological developments. In order for your IT team to handle expanding needs as the company grows, your SSO supplier should scale effortlessly. Companies need to ensure their service providers can keep up with their rising IT budgets.


It requires expertise to ensure that single sign-on solutions provide what enterprises want, including access to lesser-known specialized apps. To make sure your team has access to all of their applications whenever they need them, you should search for SSO solutions that have an uptime of close to 100%. Real-time security reporting and other usage-tracking tools are further signs that an SSO service is worth considering.

Status as a Leader in Its Field

Your SSO service provider should be developing new ways to tackle today’s most pressing problems. In the complex world of technology, even a single misstep may result in a devastating cyberattack for a business. Put your faith in the experts who know how to keep businesses safe.

Final Thoughts

A proper SSO solution can improve UX, boost productivity, and safeguard data from start to finish. However, the ideal solution works across all platforms and devices used by end users.

Without causing any hassle for the users, it should be able to integrate with the current setup and allow things like multi-factor authentication and an on-premise user directory. Finding the appropriate solution will have far-reaching effects on your business, helping you save money while also giving employees a safe and pleasant working environment.

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