Trends in Office Space Planning

When it comes to choosing office space the space, size and configuration are serious considerations. As technology and ways of doing business have changed so has the needs of an office. Trends seem to be emerging. Offices are becoming more flexible with an emphasis on shared space. There is also an increased desire for amenities.

According to an article in CIRE Magazine, “Eventually the shell of a building and its infrastructure will link together. The walls will have technology that talks to the furniture, which talks to the post and beam system and the floor…the walls will be personal property that define private areas but can be taken down and moved.”

Work Community

Office spTeamace configuration now needs to be designed to accommodate how people interact. Work teams are becoming popular work strategy. Offices are being replaced by work stations and they should be close enough to one another so that they can create an enclave to promote teamwork and the sharing of ideas. The conference room at the end of the hall is now in the middle of the work station enclaves. Doors can be provided for when privacy is necessary.

Touchdown Space

There are many employees who spend a great deal of time outside the office. When they are in the office, these employees need a functional space that’s set up for their individual needs. This is referred to as touchdown space. It doesn’t need to have all of the furnishings of an office space that is used daily. Office hoteling software can be used for scheduling use. The purpose for it is to be used effectively on the few regular occasions when a particular employee is in the office. This helps reduce the amount of office space needed.

Embrace Technology

Office space now and in the future must be prepared to accommodate the need for the latest technology. Effective integration of technology must be considered when designing any modern office space. Work is shifting from a place to an activity. Performance is measured on  productivity, not hours in the office. Everything from computer tablet docking stations around the office to large screen monitors designed to handle remote work, Skype calls and more are now essential.

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Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc