Unique Houston Office Space at Spencer Ogden Energy: Astroturf and Basketball Hoops

Bringing the outdoors inside was one of the goals for Bonita Spencer-Percival, decorator of the Houston office space of London-based Spencer Ogden Energy. “We wanted the Houston space to be organic and earthy, too, not cold and sterile. We wanted the employees to feel energized by the office environment.” There’s no question that she succeeded in her goal. Here are some of the unique elements in these great Houston office spaces:

  • AstroTurf has become the signature flooring for Spencer Ogden’s offices, here and around the world. The main work area, with its floor-to-ceiling windows, allows the sun to brighten the green of the AstroTurf, and a large map of the world on one wall reminds everyone of the global nature of the organization. Televisions are built into the map to make the latest world news instantly accessible.
  • Huge, high-tech, custom-made tables use reclaimed wood and a hollow circular center to hide all the cables that allow up to 17 meeting attendees to remain plugged in at all times. The round table harkens back to Percival, one of the Knights of the Round Table, connecting this global business with its British roots.
  • Tucked into an edge of this same work area is an old-fashioned soda fountain (complete with modern microwave) where staff can enjoy lunch or a coffee break. In addition to the high-topped tables, there are café-style tables near those floor-to-ceiling windows, giving workers the chance to imagine they are lunching outdoors.
  • The unusual employee lounge includes one chair each upholstered in British and US flags, along with a smart leather couch, a hairdryer-turned-lamp, and retro chrome and glass tables. A sporting theme is behind the framed prints and newspaper clippings which line the walls.
  • An elegantly formal conference room includes antique table and chairs, coats-of-arms prints, and vintage barware. At the opposite end of the room is a classic steer skull surrounded by black and white photographs of early Texan workers in the oil fields.
  • The workday at Spencer Ogden includes a “power hour,” where no one may work sitting down. They may shoot basketball at convenient hoops, mingle, take a walk, or jog around on that AstroTurf—but they must be active.

So if you’re looking to keep your employees active and engaged, consider some of these tactics. And if you’re looking for great office spaces in Houston, contact us today.

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