Your Office Relocation Checklist

Whether you prefer a change of scenery or are expanding your business operations and moving into a bigger premises, co-ordinating your office relocation is a project that requires careful forethought and planning.

It is important that your business is up and running as soon as possible and the likelihood of any problems occurring during your move are minimized. To help you achieve this objective, this article has set out a checklist to follow which will ensure your office relocation gets underway as smoothly as possible.

Stage 1

  • Review your Lease Agreement: Check if you incur any early termination costs for breaking your contract and whether there are any other costs you need to cover such as property damage.
  • Appoint a Project Manager: This person will be in charge of the move and delegation of responsibilities to team members.
  • Create a Schedule: Together with the project manager, detail important timelines for the upcoming move.
  • Get Quotes: Find out which commercial moving services are available in your area, such as Osmon Moving and Storage, and get quotes from at least three companies. Also, enquire about office contents insurance which will provide coverage for any damage to property that might occur during your move.
  • Check the Facilities: If you have already found the perfect office location for your business make sure you know the facilities it offers and its IT capabilities. Ask your telecommunications and internet service provider to check its technical infrastructure and advise you of any problems.

Stage 2

  • Give Notice: Terminate your lease by notifying your current landlord and also advise your building manager of your move.
  • Communicate the Move: Notify your employees of the move and provide them with relevant timelines so they can plan accordingly. Ask the project manager to assign staff members to certain areas such as overseeing responsibilities in their department. Also notify external parties such as clients, customers, suppliers and any other parties who may be affected by your move. Provide them with your new contact information and make them aware of any impact your move may have on current projects and deadlines.

Stage 3

  • Create a Floor Plan: Determine your new office layout by allocating office equipment, furniture and desks taking into account matters such as power outlets and ethernet connections. Arrange for all phones, computers and IT systems to be installed.
  • Keys and Passes: Documents all keys, access cards and passes that have been allocated to each employee and ensures new ones are assigned to everyone in time for the move.
  • New Furniture or Equipment: If you are expanding, upgrading or rebranding, take into account any new office furniture or equipment you will need and order these items beforehand.

Stage 4

  • Move In: Turn on the lights and check that the utilities such as the water are working in your new office.
  • Set up Office: Follow your floor plan to arrange your office furniture and equipment, install all phones, computers and internet systems ensuring everything is fully connected and working correctly.
  • Unpack: Allow employees to unpack their belongings, set up their workstations and stock their supply cabinets.

By following this office relocation checklist you will ensure everything returns to ‘business as usual’ in no time.

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