3 Factors to Consider When Leasing Office Space

Leasing office space involves more than just thinking about location, price, and size.

leasing office space strategyYou have to find a space that meets those needs, but there are also many other considerations that you must factor into your decision so you can avoid mistakes when leasing office space. A good tenant representative, like the ones we have at OfficeFinder, will ensure that you take these, as well as many other considerations into account when leasing office space for your company.

Parking Availability

Parking at some office buildings can be sparse for clients and visitors because the parking lots or garages are filled with employees from the various tenant companies within the building or surrounding area. When you are considering an office space, make sure that you inquire about the parking availability not only for employees, but your visitors too. Most visitors would like to avoid paying for parking when they come to visit you. See if you can negotiate some parking vouchers to alleviate the cost to visitors. Employees don’t like to pay for parking either. A good idea is to lease office space near convenient public transportation to give employees an option other than having to pay for parking.

Security Availability

Companies that are searching for office space want a place that is safe and secure. Some office buildings offer security for the tenants in the building. It is vital that you discuss how the security personnel will interact with your employees and visitors. You should also find out how security personnel will react if there is an incident in the building. Check out the crime rate in the area to make sure you are not moving into a nightmare.

Access Availability

If your business operates during non-traditional hours, you will need to find a building that will allow access during those hours. Some office buildings might lock entrances during certain times. Some may still allow you access, but not visitors. If you plan on doing business during those times, you must consider other options. You don’t want your employees or visitors to find locked entrances when they try to come into your office.

We have a variety of office space options that can meet most needs. Our local tenant reps use proprietary and up-to-date databases to locate just the right office space. Our services are free to our clients. There is no cost to you. So, contact us today so that we can help you find an office space that will allow you to conduct business in a productive environment.

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