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Ways To Improve Office Security

Working in an office has so many benefits. Being able to have your whole company together in a building or even on a single floor, that sense of community and camaraderie is hard to beat. However, a large office space, with numerous computers and other expensive pieces of office equipment can also become a target for theft. It’s important to not let your guard down since you never know who might walk in. You might be wondering how to improve your office security. With some advice from Security Forward, this article aims to explain some great ways to improve your office security.

Upgrade All Of Your Locks

If you’ve moved into an already existing office, you probably will have inherited whatever security system the previous tenants used. If the office is relatively old, it might not have had a security upgrade for quite some time. What is really noticeable is if the locks on office doors are old. A simple and traditional key-based lock is fine but these days they are definitely not the most secure option. As an example, most commercial locksmiths in Perth will carry a wide range of door locks that you could upgrade to, just ask to see what they would recommend. Digital key fobs or key-code pads are both good options. Upgrading your locks in your office space is a great way to improve security. Strengthening access control so only authorized personnel can enter the office is another way to improve security. Company owners are often googling “commercial security companies near me” to find someone who will reinforce their entry points with stronger materials and security codes, so it’s definitely worth considering if you want to improve your office security. This provides an extra layer of protection and ensures that only those with clearance can enter the office space

Label Your Office Equipment

Although this might sound very controlling, labeling all of your office equipment is a really good way to improve office security. If every piece of equipment that holds any value at all is labeled and logged in an inventory, it will be so much harder for bits to “go missing”. Unique labels show to any potential thief that, if this item was to disappear, it would be noticed and you would know exactly where it was meant to be. Doing monthly inventory checks should suffice and always make sure that you log any new piece of kit that comes into the office before it is used by anyone. This is just generally good housekeeping anyway but also gives you the ability to add company branding to all of your office equipment. Labeling your office equipment is a simple way to improve office security.

Wear ID Badges

This tip is more for companies who have a large workforce and you don’t know everyone’s face. Implementing unique ID badges with the member of staff’s photo and job role printed on them is a great way to increase the security of your office. If you know that all staff should be wearing them at all times and you see someone without one on then that is instantly a red flag. If you do decide to introduce this, you should also have visitor passes made for when people come to visit who don’t actually work there. You might have to be a bit strict with your staff to make sure that their ID badges are visible at all times but for the added security it is worth it. Make the lanyard they are attached to unique to the company so that they are not easily replicated. Having mandatory ID badges for all members of staff is a really good way to improve your office’s security.

Install An Alarm System

This suggestion will probably come with a substantial price tag, but there is a good reason an alarm system would be so costly. Having a fully alarmed office is going to make it incredibly secure and unappealing to try and steal from. If you wanted to go all in, you could rig a system where-by the removal of any computer would set off an alarm. For large companies that have a reception, installing a silent alarm that calls the police could be a good option. This has the added benefit of making your staff feel safer in their role. Having a reliable alarm system would be a good idea for any companies that have offices in densely populated areas. Somewhat obviously, installing a proper alarm system is going to massively improve the security of your office.

Strong Passwords All Round

Not all security measures are physical, you have to remember to protect your online space too. Many operating systems on computers will remember usernames and passwords for online accounts, which is really handy for regular users. However, it is also very handy for anyone who gets access to your computer as they will just be able to log in everywhere, pretending to be you. Implementing two-factor authentication on everyone’s computer is highly recommended. This essentially means that when you try to log in to something, you will get an email or text message with a code to unlock your account. This further personalizes your account details and makes everything more secure. You should also advise staff to lock their computers whenever they leave their office, even for a few minutes. You could enforce this by having your computers set up to automatically time out from inactivity, every 10 minutes. It is also encouraged that you make staff update their passwords every month or two. Making sure your team has strong passwords on all of their devices is one of the best ways to keep your office’s security as safe as possible.

Safe And Secure

When you work in an office you want to feel safe and secure. Maintaining an office space’s security can be challenging and does require everyone to be on the same page. By upgrading your lock systems, labeling your office equipment, wearing ID badges, installing an up-to-date alarm system, and keeping strong passwords, you can be safe in the knowledge that your office is very secure. Improving the office’s security should have the added bonus of making your staff feel more secure too. Although these security measures may be annoying for some, most people will understand the need for running a tight ship. This article should help you with some ideas for how to best improve your office security and help you sleep easy at night.

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