3 Natural Interior Design Ideas For Your Office

We all want office space that does not burden us. We want it to be creative and aesthetic, to serve its function, and to be practical. Yet, all of these ideas seem to be quite challenging. Before we proceed with the tips and tricks on how to make your working space more nature-oriented, let us ask a question. Have you ever heard of the KonMari method which has taken all over the world as a kind of storm? It is a very contained, tidy, and neat storm that has made a lot of people rethink their own choices. 

The key principle of this method is to surround yourself with the things that somehow spark joy in your life and bring to light the senses of calmness, delight, and gratitude. But, c’mon, we are talking about the office spaces, staplers, and heaps of paper that can hardly spark joy in you. And, if you are on a budget, it can be quite a thing to make your office look like a space filled with joy and happiness. 

However, by using nature by your side, you will be able to make a huge difference in your office, which will enhance productivity and put you in a good mood. So, we have put together a couple of useful tips on how to use natural design ideas for making your office space a better place. 

Take the Advantage of the Natural Light 

Office spaces with windows and a lot of natural lighting are not reserved solely for the executives. Employees have the right to sun exposure as well. The impact of natural lighting on one’s brain and productivity is unimaginable. It is like the connection between the sun and a person, where one gets to take the energy from the sun beams penetrating into your working space. Not to forget to mention, sunlight is one of the most desirable benefits of the working space according to some research. 

So, if you are lucky and your office space does have great windows, it is the right time to make use of natural lighting and put them on your side as your greatest ally. In this case, you would not need to worry about buying a Foosball table or stacking your office fridge with electrolyte water. 

Dim and harsh lights may cause eyestrain and severe headaches. Access to natural lighting is one of the crucial elements for the workstations and, at the same time, one of the ways to solve the problem of a lack of light. Natural light is bright but not as harsh as artificial light. An efficient way to use natural light in your spaces is to install skylights, which is the ideal option for open-space offices where multiple cubicles or desks would be located in the central part of the room so that the light can penetrate from many windows. Using diffused light is yet another positive method. 

Floor-to-ceiling windows can certainly help you a lot, and skylights are of great help too. It is very important to use methods such as diffused light so you can reduce glare, hot spots, and shadows. These features can have a negative impact on productivity and visibility. One of the ways to diffuse the light is to install frosted glass, diffuser screens, and softboxes, or simply angle the light beams. 

Use Natural Materials in Your Offices

There is no better way to make your space look more natural and better used than by using natural materials for construction. Stone, wood, glass, metal, and others can help on your quest to form more nature-oriented office spaces. 

Stone is used for the front desks and wall decorations as it makes the focal point and draws attention to one particular spot of the room. So, if you have the intention to strictly accentuate one spot, using stone will most definitely help you with this. However, the majority of people today use artificial stone for interior design as it is easier to handle and much cheaper than natural stone used for decorative purposes. 

Another interesting way of incorporating stones into your space is by using them as decorations. Crystals and precious stones, known for their ability to pick up negative energy and help people stay more focused, are not a rare detail on the desks of offices and are also an interesting way to make your space more interesting.

Wood is a classic material, and you will most certainly use it in some way in your office space design. Speaking of wood, there are tons of different kinds, and it goes without saying that hardwood is the best for closed-space designs. 

However, there are also different kinds of wood, such as MFC, MFD, and HDF. MFC is a wood mixture of rubber, acacia, and eucalyptus wood. It is a very popular kind of wood for office designs because of its durability and pleasing aesthetics. MFD is a mixture of rubber, additives, and glue, making it a perfect material for office designs, and HDF is the type of industrial wood whose pulp is processed before it is mixed with additives and presents a high-end wood. If your office space does have a yard, just like many spaces in Australia, the best timber yard northside designs will definitely be your cup of tea. Using timber as part of your yard design is a bit of a pricey decision, but with great benefits. 

No matter if you use this material for your yard or for a closed space, it has the leverage to contribute to the luxury of the space and make it stand out for sure. 

Bring in the Plants to Your Office 

The most obvious way to make your office nature oriented is to actually bring in nature. Enrich your space with a couple of plants that will add an instant pop of color and life. For instance, in Amazon offices, there is an entire jungle with more than 40,000 plants blooming in the place. Perhaps you do not have a budget for the Amazon, but, adding a couple of plants would be an instant spark of life, and you will notice how you smile whenever you lay eyes on your small, cute plant. 

No matter if you are part of the corporate world or have your own personal office, you can always bring in some nature. Natural materials and natural designs, such as plant walls or small plants all over the place, are simple details that will make the place sparkle. Some more serious projects with great benefits are light distribution and wood use, and these will undoubtedly provide you with long-lasting effects. 

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